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Dad gets emotional after watching his son play in the NFL : 'It just means a lot'

Purdy said, 'To see them after that performance meant a lot to me so very blessed to have them as my family.'

Dad gets emotional after watching his son play in the NFL : 'It just means a lot'
Cover Image: (L) Twitter @NFL; (R) Brock Purdy #13 of the San Francisco 49ers warms up prior to the game against the Denver Broncos - Getty Images | Matthew Stockman

Parents always feel proud seeing their children succeed. And it's obvious for them to feel emotional about it as they know the hard work that the child has put in to get there. Brock Purdy, a 49ers quarterback, played his first NFL game and gave a 3-score lead to his team in the first half itself. And his father, couldn't hold back his tears and it was captured on Television. In the video, Purdy's father, Shawn, is seen crying and the commentator says, "It is pretty special to watch. Can you even imagine?" And the other commentator responds, "I can't."



According to NBC Sports, Purdy's family watched on Television as he came in for an injured Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 13. And on Sunday, they got to watch Purdy play on the field. They had planned this trip way before they knew that Purdy would be QB1. However, in the first half against the Buccaneers, Purdy reportedly finished 14 of 18 passes for 185 yards with two touchdown passes and a 146.5 passer rating. 



Talking to reporters about his family, Purdy said, "I saw him right after the game and the emotions on the face and just the way they looked down at me from up on the railing. It just means a lot. Just throughout my whole life the ups and downs of playing quarterback in general, high school, and college. The people at home just believe in you, they see the best in you. They have always been telling me 'you are good enough' and 'we know you can do it.' To see them after that performance meant a lot to me so very blessed to have them as my family."

People on the internet were excited that they got to witness this proud dad moment. A user said, "Purdy was awesome!! Let those happy tears flow Mr. Purdy because we all are with you." Another user wrote, "He played an amazing game for a 22-year-old debut game! We will definitely be hearing much more about this new NFL quarterback! Congratulations Brock Purdy!" 



Despite Purday being called Mr. Irrerelevant, Purdy's coach Jones spoke about his competitiveness during his freshman year at Perry High School, and called him "crazy over the top competitive." “His competitiveness was No. 1. And No. 2, just his natural leadership and how he could get kids in his age group, he could be friends with them, but at the same time, he also was able to lead them unlike any other teenage boy that I’ve seen,” said Jones to CNN. Jones thinks that it is almost fitting the way Purdy has been underappreciated in his career. “He was extremely talented, extremely good, did everything you’re supposed to do, and had crazy statistics but yet was under-recruited,” Jones said. “He was kind of irrelevant in the recruiting world for colleges for a while."



Jones continued, “He goes to Iowa State and just kills it and lets everyone see, ‘Hey, I am right.’ And then it goes back now to the NFL." “At the draft, he becomes irrelevant and he takes it and it’s just kind of how he’s always operated.”

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