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British person lists 50 American states and what they’re famous for and it's hilarious

The Twitter thread went viral as he made funny comments on all 50 states, with some of them being spot on.

British person lists 50 American states and what they’re famous for and it's hilarious
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@human_not_bees

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 15, 2021. It has since been updated.

The United States of America has 50 states, and listing them all out can be quite difficult, even if you're American. A Twitter user from Britain gave it a shot and not only did he name them, he even attempted to list out what each state was famous for. Of course, the point wasn't whether he was correct, but rather that he was answering from a collection of memories and associations accumulated through pop culture, conversations, news and so on. He didn't Google anything and went about the thread with the information he had accumulated over time. The Twitter user who goes by the handle @human_not_bees went about it in alphabetical order and the thread is hilarious.














The Twitter thread has been shared more than 15,000 times and liked 83,000 times. Some of the tweets are downright funny. A few people complained about generalization but he responded that they were missing the point of it. He also got a fair idea of the kind of humor that passes among British and American people and what annoys them. 

























He was actually surprised the thread gained traction on social media because he hadn't even scheduled the tweet to suit American time. “I wrote this tweet in the morning in the UK thinking it would pass under the US radar as you would mostly all be asleep, and it would just make people in Europe chuckle and a few of my US followers when they saw it later. When it took off, it was surprising,” he said, reported Bored Panda. He added that Twitter was unpredictable and that “you never know what’s going to be popular.”







































The author said he was playing D&D when his notifications started exploding. A lot of people attempted to correct him on his information regarding various states. “I think maybe they missed the point. My favorite correction was a person who was clearly stoned trying to explain to me that Colorado didn’t invent weed,” said Beës.
































He also compared the difference between what British people and Americans considered a joke. “British humor is more self-deprecating. I think we have a higher tolerance for both mocking others and being mocked. Just compare the US and UK versions of The Office. Saying that, The Office US is my favorite of the two,” said the author.

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