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Brother and grandfather rally around bridesmaid for turning down absurd request for sister's wedding

The bridesmaid stands up for herself and prioritizes her health over a photoshoot at her sister's wedding.

Brother and grandfather rally around bridesmaid for turning down absurd request for sister's wedding
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio, Reddit | u/DiabeticBridesmaid

Living with medical conditions is not easy. But people who end up with such conditions end up contending with it anyway and try to lead a life with whatever semblance of normalcy is accorded to them by their environment. However, things can get uncomfortable if the people around the diagnosed individual do not provide adequate support to them. u/DiabeticBridesmaid, a diabetic woman, shared a story about how her mother and sister tried to get her to remove important medical equipment during the sister's wedding.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Emma Bauso
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Emma Bauso

The post has gained quite a bit of popularity, amassing 5.7K upvotes and 1.3K comments on the site. The woman shared that her sister was getting married and that she was a bridesmaid in the ceremony. She shares, "I'm a Type 1 Diabetic and I wear two medical devices, a Dexcom blood sugar monitor on one arm and an Omnipod insulin pump on the other." Both of these devices were really small and ensured that she did not have to prick her fingers every time she wanted to check her blood sugar levels.

It also provided insulin injections, which made life really easy for the woman. When she went with her family to try out dresses, her sister informed her that she did not want her wearing the devices on the wedding day as the gowns were sleeveless and that they would look ugly in the photos. She says, "I told her I wasn't okay removing them; they're essential medical equipment and I'm not going to put myself in a position to affect my health just for some photos."

The sister ended up complaining to their mother and some other friends, at which point everybody tried to get the woman to remove the medical equipment. Her mother suggested a workaround, asking her to wear it on her stomach. But this was very uncomfortable for the woman and she did not want to be stuck with it in that position for ten days. The woman ended her initial post by sharing how she was not willing to compromise on matters concerning her health.

She provided an update for people on the site, sharing how her younger brother got to know about the issue and rebuked the mother and sister for asking the woman to remove her medical devices just for a few photos. It escalated to the point where her brother told the woman's grandfather, who happened to be paying for the wedding. He was just as upset and drove an hour into town to express his displeasure at his daughter and granddaughter for asking such a thing.

Her grandfather also informed her mother that he would be withdrawing his financial support and that she would have to pay for the outstanding wedding costs if she and the sister did not give the woman an apology. The woman mentions how she did not intend to make it such a big deal but was happy that she got an apology from both of them. They also suggested that they could find a different way to cover it up. The woman accepted their apologies and decided to wear flower corsages over each device so that they wouldn't be seen.


Image Source: Reddit | u/IamIrene
Image Source: Reddit | u/IamIrene


Image Source: Reddit | u/Curious_Solution_763
Image Source: Reddit | u/Curious_Solution_763

She concluded by saying that she would give her grandpa a big bug and treat her little brother to dinner as a "thank you" for standing by her. The woman also added how she didn't expect her own family to turn their backs on her when it came to her health. People on the platform also felt the same and shared their thoughts in the comments section. u/thatshygal717 said, "NTA. Promptly decline the invitation to attend if your sister cares more about her aesthetic wants than your medical needs." u/quats5 added: "Honestly, I’d suggest that sis look into hiring a model to stand in for her, so that she can get exactly the look she wants. She clearly doesn’t want the actual OP. If she’s worried about 'what will the guests say if they notice,' they can say she got an amazing makeover to be extra special for her sister’s special day. And OP can go have a lovely relaxed day of her own."

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