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Bride's mom surprises her by performing to ABBA's 'Super Trooper' in costume at the wedding

At the wedding venue, the mother of the bride, Heather Hagen, suddenly appeared on the stage for a nostalgic performance to ABBA's classic hit.

Bride's mom surprises her by performing to ABBA's 'Super Trooper' in costume at the wedding
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @getknittyywithit

People usually put a lot of effort to make their wedding day extra special. Families and friends contribute to it as well by surprising the bride and groom with something they can never forget. However, newlywed couple Sadie Cloward and her husband David Alvarez were probably not expecting Cloward's mother to prepare a special performance for their event.

According to PEOPLE, Cloward and Alvarez got married at the Homestead in Oak Glen, California. At the venue, Cloward's mom Heather Hagen suddenly appeared on the stage during the after-party for the nostalgic performance to Swedish pop group ABBA's classic hit.

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The moment at the wedding, which took place on June 9 of this year, was captured in a viral video that was posted on Cloward's Instagram page @getknittyywithit. We can see the joyful bride cheering for her mom and hopping up and down with excitement as Hagen performs to the song "Super Trooper" from the musical film 'Mamma Mia!'. It almost looks like a scene out of the 2008 movie with the retro track blasting from the speakers and Hagen performing to it dressed in a white and gold ensemble. She also had her hair in an elegant updo inspired by vintage hairstyles as she confidently strut across the floor.

Hagen even had two backup dancers, Laura Cloward and Julie Kennedy, to accompany her in the performance. They also donned golden shimmery jumpsuits with white vests. The stage performance perfectly recreated a scene from the 2008 film where Amanda Seyfried character Sophie is surprised by her mother Donna, played by Meryl Streep, at Sophie's bachelorette party. Hagen continued to perform and lip-sync to the retro song with enthusiastic choreography, incorporating some familiar moves from the film as well.

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A post shared by Sadie Alvarez (@getknittyywithit)


"The dance was a complete surprise! I had no idea! My mom and I have always loved 'Mamma Mia,' and ABBA," Cloward revealed. "I would never have thought mom would do something like this as she is typically not one for the spotlight. It was so special to see her up there dancing and it meant so much." When her mom was done performing, the bride went up the stage to give her a hug and tell her how "amazing" the surprise was. Cloward also appreciated the amount of hard work that went into the show as her mom assembled her best friend and Cloward's sister-in-law to start rehearsing for the performance a couple of weeks before the wedding was scheduled to take place.

The performing trio rented out costumes from a local store in Orange County, especially for the event. Hagen also contacted a DJ before the wedding and prepared a wholesome routine to surprise her newlywed daughter. ABBA's songs were added to other moments at the wedding as well when Cloward walked down the aisle to a piano rendition of "Dancing Queen," a song she loved since she was young. Her brothers also surprised her and the party guests when they did a quick outfit change and showed up dressed as Harry and Lloyd from "Dumb and Dumber!"

"It was such a special night and my family is so amazing,” Cloward added. "It was perfect and I’ll remember this special memory forever!"

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