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Bride-to-be gets big help from passerby to reach wedding venue on time after her car breaks down

This bride's big day was almost ruined when the car she was traveling in broke down midway but a good samaritan was there for her rescue.

Bride-to-be gets big help from passerby to reach wedding venue on time after her car breaks down
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Sharon Travers

No one wants their wedding day to mess up in any way but sometimes, fate has some jokes up their sleeve. A happy bride-to-be from Newmachar was on her way to the wedding venue when the car she was traveling in broke down midway. But fortunately, a good samaritan appeared to her rescue and saved the day. According to BBC, bride Sharon Travers was about to get married to her fiance Martin Kelly in Cults Parish Church in Aberdeen.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Mario MB PHOTO'graphie
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Mario MB PHOTO'graphie

The 1976 Triumph Stag she was riding in malfunctioned and left her stranded on the road. After some brainstorming, her chauffeur managed to flag down a passerby in a car who agreed to help Travers and ease her from panicking. "I'm so grateful," she said about the help she received from the passerby driver named Alan Knowles, per the outlet. The bride-to-be further elaborated on the whole story. 


She was picked up from the Norwood Hall Hotel by her close friend, Graham Robertson in his classic car. Robertson was also dressed as a chauffeur even though he wasn't one. Travers didn't worry a bit and she was happy to travel to the venue with somebody she knew quite well. "We were on our way, but the car just stopped," she recalled. Half a mile away from the venue, the vintage car started malfunctioning. "The Stag had been running beautifully," Robertson said and added, "The car then started coughing and spluttering and eventually conked out."

The bride-to-be was rightfully concerned about not being able to reach the wedding venue on time and requested Robertson to flag down a passerby car, hoping to get some help. Since luck was on her side for the next moment, Knowles was driving by in his Mercedes Coupe and he agreed to help Travers immediately. "I quickly explained the situation and they immediately agreed to help. Sharon jumped into the car, complete with a very large bouquet," Robertson added.

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"I ran out of the car - flowers, dress, lord knows what I looked like. I said 'thank you so much for stopping, are you okay taking me to the church?' and then Knowles and another woman who was traveling with him said it was fine," Travers narrated. "It was now 25 past one and the wedding was at half past one. I really didn't want to be late. But we got there without any further hitches." Their wedding photographer Rhea McKenzie arrived right on time to capture the moment of Travers hugging Knowles and thanking him for the ride.


McKenzie told the outlet that she was standing outside the church with the bridesmaids and Sharon was late. "I was like 'what's going on?' and then a silver Mercedes pulls up and there was Sharon in the passenger seat. Honestly, my jaw was open. My face was a picture. I was so confused and then I was quickly like 'camera, go, get a photo of this moment!'" the photographer recalled. Travers forgot to ask the gentleman's name as she was in a rush but he was later tracked down through social media.

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"I'm glad the bride managed to get to the church on time," Knowles said, per the outlet. Travers was grateful for what Knowles did at the moment for her. "I'm now laughing about it, but I certainly wasn't at the time. I'm so grateful. It was such a fantastic moment," she concluded. McKenzie shared the pictures of Travers with Knowles on her Facebook page and captioned: "NOT ALL HEROS WEAR CAPES but some drive a Mercedes and come to the rescue of a bride and a broken down wedding car in Aberdeen!"


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