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Bride uses Eminem's 'Love Yourself' in her wedding vows and people are loving it

The bride, in her wedding gown, was seen reading out lyrics from Eminem's song to her partner most wholesomely.

Bride uses Eminem's 'Love Yourself' in her wedding vows and people are loving it
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @jayandmack

During a wedding, when the bride and groom exchange vows, it becomes a special moment for them, which they will remember for a lifetime. To make the moment more special, many think of adding an extraordinary element to their vows. Similarly, a bride used lyrics from Eminem's song "Love Yourself" as part of her wedding vows. Everyone at the wedding was enjoying the moment while the bride read it out to her husband. The video from the wedding was posted on Instagram by the videographers Jay and Mack Hovard.

Image Source: Instagram | @jayandmack
Image Source: Instagram | @jayandmack

The bride, Rizza-Belen Diaz—who goes by @goodgrlriri on Instagram—was reading her vows to her partner. She began, "If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip? It looks like you captured it. And here I am, palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, and no vomit on my dress, but I do love your mom's spaghetti." She continued, "I'm nervous, you're nervous, but on the surface, we look calm and ready. I'm trying hard to not forget what I wrote down. But I think I got this, so snapping back to reality."

Image Source: Instagram | @jayandmack
Image Source: Instagram | @jayandmack

Diaz then shared what she wanted to tell her husband, Josh Dodson (@oohboyj). "All jokes aside, I'm glad you took your shot and didn't let a chance blow. I'm so lucky because a Josh Dodson comes once in a lifetime, yo," Diaz said. People at the wedding were laughing while the bride read the wedding vows. The video was captioned, "I didn't realize Eminem's lyrics made for great wedding vows."

Image Source: Instagram | @jayandmack
Image Source: Instagram | @jayandmack

People in the comments loved the vows. @hoyaterp007 commented, "She's a keeper. That's an Oscar award-winning vow!" @highgrillz wrote, "These are the dopest vows ever. They probably are laughing nonstop. Love this!" @yaniiibam shared, "This is the best! Wow, she did that so gracefully and lovingly." @bdlkelso said, "I was about to say, 'marry her,' but he already is." @max_wasker added, "And that, my friend, is how you know you married the right one. Raising bars, girl."

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In another similar instance, an autistic bride, Kirsten, ensured her vows were heartfelt. She said, "Troy, everyone always told me that I was dreaming. That my standards were too high and I needed to settle at some point - but I didn't listen. I knew you were out there." She continued, "If you tried to take all my favorite things and put them in one room, it wouldn't even come close to how much I care about you." She added that her partner filled in the missing gaps and "made a list of the things she didn't even know were missing."

While crying, she shared, "You are my everything. I am my best self because I know you. You even me out. You believed in me when I couldn't. You loved me. You showed me my worth and through that, I will show you every day how worthy you are." She confessed that she is not ashamed to say she needs a man like him. She concluded, "My words were coming across exactly as intended for the first time in my life. This was so special for me and the fact it was captured on video makes it that much more special. I could openly share my feelings, which are often hard for me to verbalize."

You can follow Jay and Mack (@jayandmack) on Instagram for more content on weddings.

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