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Bride ropes in event planner to turn wedding into a breakup party when things go south with groom

The wedding planner shared that one of the best events she'd arranged was actually a breakup party after a couple parted ways days before their nuptials.

Bride ropes in event planner to turn wedding into a breakup party when things go south with groom
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Photo by cottonbro studio; (R) Reddit | u/Temskla

A bride took the phrase "Heartbreak is for losers" too close to heart when things did not go according to plan in the days leading up to her wedding. In a Reddit post, a wedding planner described a bizarre incident she encountered while working with one couple. Everything was smooth sailing—or so she thought—until about a week before the celebration when the couple suddenly did not respond to her email, which was very unlike them. It was later revealed that the pair had decided to part ways and not go through with the wedding.

The wedding planner quickly began making calls, canceling reservations and caterers, but then she suddenly received a message that changed the whole plan again. All she knew was that the party was still on, and she needed to make it a memorable one.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Emma Bauso
Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Emma Bauso

u/Temskla starts by telling readers how she worked with a seemingly happy couple on their wedding. She described the couple as simple people who wanted a sweet and cozy event commemorating their love for each other. But things went south just a couple of days before the ceremony. The wedding planner got to know about this when she sent the couple some questions and got a response that they were calling off the entire thing. As unexpected as it was, the planner immediately began to call various vendors to cancel orders, but then she received another surprising message.

The message was from the bride. In the planner's words, the message that was relayed to her was that "the wedding day was so special to them and they’ve been waiting for it for so long that they decided to do a celebration after all. The catch is - they (remember the THEY) called it a 'breaking up' party." Although the objective of the party changed, the guests were not informed that there'd been a major change in the plan. At the party, the bride turned up in a black ensemble instead of the previously planned white gown.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by cottonbro studio
Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by cottonbro studio

The party was one of the best events that u/Temskla had ever organized. In her own words, "It was one hell of a party". Everyone including the bride, seemed to enjoy the separation. The riveting part happened after the party though, as the planner realized that the "they" probably did not include the groom. The groom was a no-show at the party and also seemed to have been the person who'd made all the prepayments.

"Apparently the 'groom' didn’t even know about this. The 'bride' didn’t want to loose the money they prepayed, the problem is - all the money came from the grooms account. Since the groom rarely replied to our conversation I saw no problem, I've always talked mainly to the bride, the groom only joined in during the face to face meetings," the wedding planner explained.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Blue_Camellia
Image Source: Reddit/u/Blue_Camellia


Image Source: Reddit/u/Mobabyhomeslice
Image Source: Reddit/u/Mobabyhomeslice

The comment section was in splits hearing the story. u/calxes loved how the bride put a fun spin on what would've been a heartbreaking day. They commented: "I could have sworn I actually have read about this happening? I think a bride posted for advice on what to do and ended up throwing a party anyway - but I can't remember where I saw it. People were in favor of the party. It's more often I see sad people selling their bookings on social media instead though - 'Wedding no longer happening. Looking to transfer venue, vendors at a lower cost...'"

u/ecstaticptyerdactyl loved everything about the party except one minor detail, "I’m all for the party going on when a wedding is canceled last minute. I mean, you put all that work into it; you likely won’t get money back; guests might have made nonrefundable travel arrangements to attend—make the best of it!... But let guests know before they attend!!!! How awkward!".

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