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Bride comes up with clever plan to thwart entitled cousin who wanted to propose at her wedding

Despite the cousin's self-absorbed behavior, this bride managed to keep him from proposing to his girlfriend at her wedding.

Bride comes up with clever plan to thwart entitled cousin who wanted to propose at her wedding
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels|Emre Akyol, (R) Reddit| u/Goddessbadguy

Weddings can be a lot of fun if planned and executed properly. You let loose, enjoy a delectable meal, engage in champagne brawls and most importantly, you celebrate love.

Bride u/Goddessbadguy was determined to make her wedding a memorable one for all the right reasons. However, she did have to sidestep a few troublesome relatives to make her vision come true. She recently took to Reddit to share the drama that almost ensued at her wedding and sought opinions on whether she was wrong for how she'd handled it.

She revealed that at the root of the drama is a cousin who has the habit of making everything about himself. And what better way to steal the limelight than propose at someone else's wedding? However, the bride came up with a brilliant plan to thwart him and ensure that her well-deserved big day went without a hitch despite his resolve to propose to his girlfriend during the reception. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Emma Bauso
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Emma Bauso

But let us give you some background first. u/Goddessbadguy recently tied the knot with the love of her life and it was a joyous occasion that marked the beginning of a beautiful journey together. However, there's a pesky character in her family, her cousin "Patrick," who has a knack for making every family gathering about himself. Patrick's self-centeredness and immaturity had always grated her nerves, and it seems that the adults in the family have a soft spot for him, further enabling his behavior. Apparently, throughout the years, Patrick has managed to turn birthday parties, holidays and other family occasions into showcases for his ego. His insatiable desire for attention has always rubbed the bride the wrong way, but things reached a boiling point leading up to her wedding, she explains in her post.

Image Source: Reddit/u/RawrRawr83
Image Source: Reddit/u/RawrRawr83

About a week before the big day, Patrick casually dropped a bombshell during a phone call with the bride. He announced that he planned to propose to his long-term girlfriend at her wedding reception. He didn't ask for the bride's opinion or consider how she might feel about it; he just declared his intentions as though it were a done deal. Needless to say, she was infuriated. So like any rational person, she calmly told Patrick that she didn't want his proposal to steal the spotlight from her and her husband on their special day. While she thought it was a reasonable request, Patrick didn't take it well and launched into a tirade, hurling insults at her and even resorting to name-calling before abruptly ending the call.

What surprised her more than Patrick's audacity was the backlash that followed. Their parents, who have a history of showing favoritism toward him, turned their anger toward the bride, claiming that she was being selfish and unreasonable. She tried to explain that it was her wedding day but her words fell on deaf ears. Some family members went so far as to decide not to attend the wedding, siding with Patrick in the process.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Анна Хазова
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Анна Хазова

She anticipated that Patrick would ignore her wishes and go through with the proposal anyway. He had a reputation for causing drama at family gatherings, and the wedding was no exception. She said, "I concocted a plan and showed a picture of Patrick to the live band that I hired for the reception. I even paid them extra, with the request to start playing should Patrick ever try to make a speech. I informed the other cousins about my plan, and they were all supportive since they knew Patrick’s antics all too well and were just as fed up with his ridiculous behavior."

She added, "The day was finally here and Patrick arrived with his girlfriend and his parents. He was acting very cordial for once, but I was not fooled. After the maid of honor and best man speeches, I noticed Patrick getting up from his seat and making his way toward the stage. And just like that, the band started to play." Not only that, but she and her husband also rushed to the dance floor. Their guests joined in, drowning out Patrick's speech. "He made three more attempts, which were shut down immediately with loud music. Some of the cousins even blocked his path, telling him to 'just cut it out.' He looked more and more angry as the night progressed, and eventually grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and stormed out of the venue," she revealed.

Image Source: Reddit/u/chillmntn
Image Source: Reddit/u/chillmntn

"As I watched him leave, I laughed out loud and had a blast for the rest of the night with family and friends. I woke up the next morning to more angry text messages and voicemails, which I ignored. I decided to not engage in the drama, and just enjoyed my honeymoon with my husband," she added. The bride explained that she has since been questioning whether she was in the wrong. 

Fellow Reddit users were quick to reassure her that she'd done the right thing. "He’s a spoiled brat! Who would call family and have them boycott your wedding because he wasn't allowed to propose! Good for you for not allowing it," commented u/Fun-Yellow-6576. "Maybe, you can be the inspiration for the many victims of Patrick in your family. Now that you have led the way, Patrick can be stopped at all special events. He will have to settle for simply being a guest instead of the center of attention," pointed out u/nickis84.

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