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Bride had 'flower bros' for wedding instead of the usual flower girls: 'They understood the assignment'

The two brothers absolutely killed it, getting praise from everyone in the audience.

Bride had 'flower bros' for wedding instead of the usual flower girls: 'They understood the assignment'
Cover Image Source: YouTube/OnlyOneJess

Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 11, 2022. It has since been updated.

Weddings are so much fun, with all the love in the air, dancing and tradition. With changing times, shaping traditions to suit the needs of your family or your loved ones is becoming more and more common. A hair influencer, Jess, was getting married but didn't know where to include her brothers in the wedding, so she mixed things up a bit! When her groom chose different groomsmen, Jess thought of a fun, new idea to include her brothers in the wedding. She put them in charge of the flowers, replacing the traditional "flower girl" in the wedding with "flower bros!" The video, initially posted on TikTok, has everyone agreeing with one thing: the bros absolutely killed it, getting praise from everyone in the audience and online.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube


In the video, you can see the two flower bros entering the aisle while "Leave The Door Open" by Bruno Mars plays in the background. The two are seen wearing a cute fanny pack with "flower bros" written on it. They show off some nice moves while throwing the flowers gracefully. The guests at the wedding hoot along as the two make their way to the stage, with praise showering at the flower bros!

The video was instantly liked by many people on the internet, with it amassing over 11.6 million views in a few days since it was posted. Tinder's official handle commented, "asking for a friend, are they available for my wedding (whenever that may be)?" Commenters were absolutely thrilled at the way the two carried themselves. TikTok user @naturally_nella commented, "They understood the assignment!" User @keenanafoa commented, "Look how happy they made the guests! I think they’ve started a new wedding trend!" User @mustafamarie appreciated their fanny packs, "I love how their fanny pack says 'Flower Bros'" User @angelareads81 commented, "By chance can they be hired for other weddings to be flower men? They could make a killing!"

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube


Reddit user Kirkuchiyo commented that they'd like them at their wedding, "If I ever got married again (unlikely since I am currently happily married) I'd HIRE these guys, that's an awesome take on flower delivery!!" User dadarkgtprince commented, "Those fanny packs though. That's amazing!" User highland agreed, adding, "Hands down the best flower people I’ve ever seen, such poise." User FlounderOdd7234 shared, "Beautiful, handsome men. Congratulations. They were a perfect choice!!!" User Mooezy joked, "Some of the guests started fanning themselves faster and it wasn't because of the weather." User MrVerceti said, "This looks like a fun wedding to attend!"



Many users commented how they had fun at their own weddings by changing the roles a bit! User boi_against_bigotry shared, "My sister was my best man." Another user _Driftwood_ added, "I've been seeing this a lot lately! the last wedding a bride had her brothers as bridesmaids- one was even the maid of honor! I love seeing it!" User blobofdepression shared, "We had our sisters stand next to us, and they walked down the aisle together! So his sister stood next to him, then the best man. My sister was the matron of honor and stood next to me. It was awesome!" 

Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok


On YouTube, where the bride posted her whole wedding video, people especially wanted to appreciate the flower bros! User Steph j. commented, "JESS! Why did you & Jonathan do this to me?!! Your vows to each other were everything & I loved the flower bros. May you two have a lifetime of happiness & abundant blessings!" User Dinequianna Buckhalter added, "I’m not crying you are!!! Lol thank you for sharing such a special intimate moment with your followers/supporters. This made me reflect on my own relationship and made me realize that forever on earth is not long enough. The dress THE DRESS THAAAATTTT DRESS!!! YES MA’AM!!! That dress is YOU, it fit you PERFECTLY!!! Everything was beautiful, the flower brothers all the way to the reception!!! Once again, thank you for sharing this chapter of your life!"


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