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Bride gives a beautiful surprise to her best friend who couldn't attend her wedding

The two women have been friends for over twenty years and the best friend was about to be her maid of honor but couldn't show up for a personal reason.

Bride gives a beautiful surprise to her best friend who couldn't attend her wedding
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @cuenca.creative

Some weddings are memorable for people other than the bride and groom. In a similar story, a bride who people are calling "the opposite of Bridezilla" visited her friend who couldn't make it to her wedding. In a heartwarming video uploaded by the bride's wedding photographer Ean Cuenca—who goes by @cuenca.creative on Instagram—the bride went to the hospital to meet her best friend who had just given birth on the day of her wedding. Her beautiful gesture has warmed people's hearts and made them believe that there are still people who put others before themselves.

Image Source: Instagram | @cuenca.creative
Image Source: Instagram | @cuenca.creative

The woman visited her friend at the hospital before her wedding after getting her hair and makeup done. She was decked up in her white wedding gown and carrying a bouquet as she knocked on her friend's door. The text overlay on the video read, "When the bride wanted to scrap the morning plans of her wedding to go to a hospital that was 40 minutes away to visit her bridesmaid who just had a baby and couldn't make it to the wedding." The woman went in to see her friend who was beyond surprised at her visit and overjoyed to the point of tears. She gave her friend a big hug as the video ended.

Image Source: Instagram | @cuenca.creative
Image Source: Instagram | @cuenca.creative

The bride Arielle deNeergaard and Christine West have been best friends for more than 20 years, per Good Morning America. West was going to be deNeergaard's maid of honor but shortly after that, she found out that she was pregnant. The duo figured that it wouldn't be possible for West to perform the maid of honor duties. Two days before the wedding, a day later than her due date, West gave birth and was recovering in the hospital. However, she couldn't attend the wedding. So, she was deeply touched by her friend's gesture.


"The thought of her thinking to do that was just beautiful. It just shows how selfless she is as a person and who she is to her core and how important our relationship is, for her to genuinely have taken time away from her literal wedding to come and see me all in the hospital bed," West told the outlet. "She's my best friend and my sister and soulmate. I just couldn't imagine not sharing that moment with her. And because there was a way to make it happen, too, I was just like, let's do this," the bride expressed.


"The fact that I didn't lose out on being able to see her and how absolutely beautiful she looked, is something that I will just always be thankful for. We were there for each other in the biggest capacity that we could be," the new mom pointed out. deNeergaard's wedding photographer who posted the video on Instagram wrote in the caption, "Arielle, you are my people. The ones who say 'ef it' to tradition and normalcy because you’d rather love and care for the people in your tribe. So beyond honored, I got to be a part of this and witness not only one monumental moment but two different monumental moments for two different families in one day." 

Image Source: Instagram | @elhammock
Image Source: Instagram | @elhammock
Image Source: Instagram | @kirstymaginness
Image Source: Instagram | @kirstymaginness

People took to the comments section to talk about the sweet gesture. @iamthetardis commented, "Even better, she’s there to see her friend first. So many people go to see the new baby, but her priority is her friend. What a lovely friendship." @weirdotoast shared, "This is a girl's girl move like damn. Nobody visited me when I had a baby ." @unruh_jaci wrote, "This is what friendship should be. It’s my special day but dang it’s your special day too!"

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