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Bride faces backlash for deciding to host a child-free wedding, asks if she's wrong

A bride chose not to have children prancing around at her wedding venue and her decision did not sit right with most of her wedding guests.

Bride faces backlash for deciding to host a child-free wedding, asks if she's wrong
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Stocksnap; Reddit | u/Dareal_Mistake

Planning for a wedding takes a good chunk of time since no one wants to witness their big day getting ruined in any way. Whether it is about selecting the perfect wedding venue, choosing the buffet menu or inviting the guests, every couple wants things to turn out picture-perfect. However, certain conflicts and differences in opinions are bound to arise from time to time. Just like u/Dareal_Mistake shared with the Reddit community about how she made an important decision for her wedding and people were not pleased with

Representational Image Source: Pixabay | StockSnap
Representational Image Source: Pexels | StockSnap

The bride asked the community if she was in the wrong for telling her sister-in-law that she couldn't bring her kids to the wedding. The bride revealed that she is a 28-year-old woman who is about to get married in a few months and both she and her fiance decided that they would have a child-free wedding and it would be an adult-only affair. "We made this very clear on our invitations! However, my sister-in-law has four young children and she's upset about our decision," the bride continued in her post.

"She called me pleading to make an exception for her kids, saying she couldn't leave them. I empathized, but I stood firm on our decision, explaining that we wanted a more formal setting without kids running around and I suggested she could enjoy a night off and assured her we would help her find some childcare options. She got upset and accused me of being heartless and said if her kids weren't welcomed she wouldn't attend," the post mentioned.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Jesus Arias
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Jesus Arias

The bride's brother and her sister-in-law's husband accused her of causing unnecessary drama and claimed it was unfair to exclude their children from the ceremony. Their family stood divided over the bride's decisions because some understood her point to keep the wedding child-free, whereas others considered her heartless. The bride gave an update to the community about the situation as well and revealed how she had a heart-to-heart conversation with her sister-in-law and explained how she had envisioned her wedding day with only adults being the guests.

"I emphasized wanting everyone to have a great time without worrying about kids being restless or not enjoying themselves. Surprisingly, she was understanding! She admitted she was very upset but appreciated my honesty. We discussed alternative childcare options and she agreed to arrange a babysitter to look after her children during the ceremony and reception. This way, she could attend and enjoy herself without any worries. The conversation was tough, but I'm relieved it went well. I'm grateful for her understanding and willingness to find a solution that works for both of us," the post concluded.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Queen_Cheetah
Image Source: Reddit | u/Queen_Cheetah

The Reddit community dropped in to share their thoughts on this situation as well and most of them were in the support of the bride. u/TyrionsCodpiece wrote, "I have a store that sells stuff for kids. The way the parents let the kids run free-range is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. They're the same parents who act shocked when their hellspawn gets kidnapped or hurt. Kids running around and playing marco polo to keep an eye on them is every employee's headache."

Image Source: Reddit | u/nemc222
Image Source: Reddit | u/nemc222

u/Ok-Donut3656 commented, "We had no kids at our wedding. My husband’s cousin showed up with her kids anyway because her sitter fell through. She had already turned down the very reliable sitter we offered to pay for, so we just turned her away at the door. I don’t feel bad about it to this day. I’m just glad my husband got to her before the wedding planner tbh because I think my wedding planner would have lost it." u/Desertbroad remarked, "I don't understand why they are upset! Why don't they want to hire a sitter? To create so much drama, even to go so far as to get the entire family involved, is so petty and entitled that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it!" 

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