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Bride and groom's fun surprise for their wedding guests is winning hearts on the internet

The couple got married this year in April and when it was time to exchange rings, they turned to their 115 guests for the surprise.

Bride and groom's fun surprise for their wedding guests is winning hearts on the internet
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @contentbyjay

When it comes to weddings, usually children who are close to the couple get to be the ring bearers at their wedding. However, not at this wedding, as the bride decided on a fun way to choose a ring bearer at her wedding. Laine Parland and her husband, Robert Parland, got married on Saturday, April 6. When it was time to exchange the rings, the couple turned to the 115 guests at their wedding and asked them to look under their seats as the rings were placed under one of the chairs and whoever found them would be their ring bearer, per PEOPLE.

Image Source: TikTok | @contentbyjay
Image Source: TikTok | @contentbyjay

In a video shared by the couple's wedding content creator, Jacy Harrelson‚who goes by @contentbyjay on TikTok‚the guests were seen looking under their chairs to find the rings. A man in a blue suit stood up and showed the pink box in his hand. He was called in, so he walked down the aisle and handed the rings to the priest. People started clapping as he gave the rings. The text overlay in the video read, "When your bride hides the rings under a random chair and announces that there will be a surprise and random ring bearer." The man who became the ring bearer was Robert's friend, Arnold John. Laine said, "He was surprised, but it was the talk of all our guests and what a fun idea it was."

Image Source: TikTok | @contentbyjay
Image Source: TikTok | @contentbyjay

Laine wanted to come up with a fun idea that would involve all her guests. She found this idea on TikTok only two weeks before her wedding. She shared it with her wedding planner, Sarah Christopher, who agreed to get it done. Other than Laine, only Christopher knew what would happen when presenting the rings to the couple. They placed the rings in the wedding space, where there were no assigned sides or seats.


Right before the moment, they informed Harrelson where they placed the rings so she could record the moment. She said, "Everyone looked under their chairs until it was found. It was honestly so funny and exciting to see everyone's reaction when this young man held up the pink ring box. We all cheered and clapped when he handed the rings to the preacher." Harrelson loved the idea so much that she said she would share this experience with future brides. Laine was happy with how the whole thing panned out. She said that she would "100% do it again." She added that more couples should include non-traditional elements in the weddings so that the guests could also enjoy it.

@contentbyjay This trend is SO FUN! The Bride hid the wedding rings under a random chair to have a random ring bearer. Hilarious! #weddingtrend #wedding #weddingtiktok #weddingtrends ♬ Sweet - Liqwyd


At another wedding, there was an unexpected ringbearer. The groom, Joey Keilty, brought in a penguin as a ringbearer at his wedding as a surprise for his wife. In the video posted on TikTok, two men can be seen walking in with the penguin. As they entered, the guests were quite surprised, looking at the animal. There was a pink ribbon around his neck, which had the couple's wedding bands. The company that helped Keilty to organize the animal for the ceremony is called "Amazing Animals." The video was captioned, "We had a surprise ring bearer for my penguin-loving wife at our wedding ceremony."

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