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Brewery launches Dr. Anthony Fauci-inspired beer which apparently has health benefits

'Fauci Spring' is a pale ale brewed with açai and "not-yet-named experimental hops."

Brewery launches Dr. Anthony Fauci-inspired beer which apparently has health benefits
Cover Image Source: (L): Anthony Fauci (L) participates in the daily coronavirus task force briefing in the Brady Briefing room at the White House on March 31, 2020, in Washington, DC.(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) (R): Facebook/Wild Heaven Beer

That's it, folks. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease specialist, has officially made it. After almost 4 decades as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, serving under six U.S. presidents, and receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom, this 79-year-old finally has a beer named after him now. With America finally waking up to recognize the absolute treasure that he is, a Georgia brewery felt it was only right to give the man the honor of having inspired an alcoholic beverage that stir-crazy beer enthusiasts can savor during the pandemic lockdown.

The 'Fauci Spring' is the brainchild of Wild Heaven Beer, based in Decatur, Georgia. According to 11Alive, the alcoholic beverage is a pale ale brewed with açai and "not-yet-named experimental hops." The limited-edition beer was launched along with a German-style lager that's also a nod to the current times: 'Don't Stand So Close to Me.' Nick Purdy, the president of the metro Atlanta brewery which has locations in Avondale Estates and on the West End, told the network that both beverages were already in development and simply needed names. Given the unprecedented times that we live in today, people are sure to appreciate the naming of beers after Dr. Fauci and the need for social distancing.


Purdy explained that while the names were "just a bit of fun," it made sense to name the pale ale after Dr. Fauci as it contains açai berries. So it "makes sense as a nod to being healthy," he said. According to New York Post, açai berries are a so-called "superfood" with alleged health benefits such as boosted weight loss and youthful, glowing skin. In addition to the superfood berries, the beverage also includes "not-yet-named experimental hops" and is said to feature "tropical, earthy, cocoa, and berry notes."


A 16oz 4-pack of the 'Fauci Spring'—which has a 4.25% ABV—is priced at $10.99. "We just decided that we'd honor Dr. Fauci, the voice of reason out there as we try to work our way through this pandemic," said Purdy. With the virus outbreak dealing a heavy blow to the economy, breweries—like many other restaurants and small businesses—are working around the clock to figure out ways to stay afloat and modify their strategies for these new, uncertain times. Many have adapted their business models by facilitating delivery, curbside pickups, or other means.


"Breweries are always community-minded and it's been wonderful to be supported by communities that see their local breweries as essential," said Purdy. He revealed that both 'Fauci Spring' and 'Don't Stand So Close to Me' are available to purchase online for curbside pickup, although you'd have to hurry to get your hands on them as stocks are limited. Meanwhile, Wild Heaven is also working on launching a third beer in this mini-pandemic collection in the next couple of weeks, called 'We Will Meet Again.' This brew is a nod to Queen Elizabeth II's recent nationwide address in the United Kingdom.


"We're just trying to spread joy in a tough time," said Purdy. The beers have definitely struck a chord with Americans, as commenters on Instagram inquire about its availability for nationwide shipping. Do you ship? DC area needs in on this brew! (And I would love to get one into the hands of the man himself!), wrote Instagram user Jennifer Leary. Danielle Cox wrote: Hope y’all add this to the permanent rotation. This beer is excellent! Meanwhile, beer enthusiast Steve Kalina hailed the recognition Dr. Fauci's finally receiving, commenting: yes...Give that man some love!! We couldn't agree more, Steve.

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