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Boys 'immediately stop' riding bikes to honor fallen veteran after seeing his funeral

Jacqi Hornbach was dog-sitting for a friend when she saw the kids riding by and then stopping to pay their respects.

Boys 'immediately stop' riding bikes to honor fallen veteran after seeing his funeral

Two young boys were riding their bikes when they came across a funeral of a fallen veteran. They immediately stopped their bikes and stood to pay their respects to the veteran. The quiet unprompted moment would have gone unnoticed had it not been for Jacqi Hornbach, who watched the incident from a window. Hornbach was dog-sitting for a friend and enjoying the weather when she saw a funeral procession entering the cemetery across the street, reported Fox News. She then saw two kids riding their bikes and notice the flag of the late military man. It was the funeral of 89-year-old United States Army veteran Charles Everett Yorn. The Taps, a bugle call played at military funerals, was being performed, the boys stopped their bikes to pay their respects. 


Hornbach took pictures of the kids standing by the cemetery and posted them on Facebook. "I was dog-sitting for a friend last week when a funeral procession came into the cemetery across the street," she wrote. "These two young men were riding their bikes and saw the flag of the deceased military man. They immediately stopped riding, got off their bikes, and stood with respect as TAPS was being played. I had to snap a picture as I was so proud of these two young men." Hornbach said it was touching to see the kids pay their respects without any prompting or knowledge of anyone watching. "It was as if they didn't even have to discuss it before doing it. They knew that's just what you do when you come across this. It was so natural for them," she said.

She then lavished praise on the kids' parents for raising such nice children. "Their parents should be so proud, and I'm sure the serviceman was in heaven smiling down on them." Hornbach had wrestled with the idea of posting the image but decided to, given the tough circumstances in the wake of the pandemic. One user, Kendra Yorn Pierson commented on the post, "That was my grandpa's funeral. Thank you so much to those two young boys." The post eventually reached the boy's family. Edgar Barajas and Sean Moody identified the boy as their kids Cristiano "Cris" Barajas and Lane Moody. "I always wonder if anything I say sinks in," wrote Sean before adding, "Obviously more than I thought!" Sean added that both their families have several military veterans. 



The post was also flooded with positive comments. Cliff Arnold, a veteran, wrote, "From all the bad we hear about our young folks these days, I think we forget most are decent kids. But these two boys are exceptional. I'm as patriotic as they come, and I'm not sure if my boys would have done the same. Many pats on the back to these fine young men, and the parents raising them, that understand how important these men and women are that have served this great nation. Please give them a sharp salute and HOOAH from one fat old U.S. Army combat vet from Arkansas!" Jodie Shelton commented, "What an awesome example these boys are for people of all ages across our country. There is so much more good in the world than bad. Thank you again for sharing this moment of love and honor for each other, our servicemen and women, and our great nation." Sonia Nelson wrote, "With so much negativity in America this gives me hope. These young men give me hope for generations to come. Their parents must be so proud of them and should also be proud of themselves knowing they are doing a Great Job Raising These Boys."

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