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Boyfriend's adorable doodles on photos help directionally-challenged girlfriend find her way

See how this boyfriend used his creativity and love to help his girlfriend with her lack of sense of direction.

Boyfriend's adorable doodles on photos help directionally-challenged girlfriend find her way
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@thatblackswan7

Have you ever felt like you have no sense of direction? Do you find yourself getting lost even in familiar places? If so, you are not alone. Some people do not have a natural sense of direction, which can be frustrating and disorienting. But what if we told you that there is a heartwarming story out there that shows us that sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and love to help us find our way? The video was shared in a post by u/clown_duck on Reddit. In the post, the girlfriend explains that she has no sense of direction, whatsoever. She writes, "POV: Your bf has to do this because you're a lost mf who has no sense of directions."

Her boyfriend began taking photos of the places they would go and then drawing cute little doodles on them to help his girlfriend remember where they were and how to get back there. He would draw arrows pointing in the direction they needed to go, little faces to indicate landmarks, and other helpful notes. And it worked! His girlfriend could use the photos with the doodles as a visual map to find her way around.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/clown_duck
Image Source: Reddit/ u/clown_duck


The Reddit post included a series of photos of doodles and they all are absolutely adorable. Many people found this relatable and reacted to this video. One user says, "Exactly the same!!!! I’ve been hysterical calling someone for help lost in a small rural town that I had been living in for a decade!!! It only had 4 traffic lights and I still got lost. I still get lost with google maps!!!! Just know that you are not alone lol."

"I do something really similar for my job actually, part of it includes helping people navigate unfamiliar areas and I’m remote, so I will use their gps data and pull up a map + Google street view and help them get where they need to go. Sometimes it’s really hard, especially when there’s construction or snow, but sometimes it’s fun!", says another user.

Image Source: Reddit/ azalago
Image Source: Reddit/ azalago


Another one says, "That's a really good idea. Like clipping an image to the map and making your own little video connected to google maps. It would be private or password protected and able to be shared with friends and a 360 google drive by." It is heartwarming to see how his love for his girlfriend inspired him to come up with such a creative and effective solution to a problem that could have been a source of frustration and stress for them both. And it is clear from the photos that his girlfriend appreciated the effort. The drawings are so cute and thoughtful that they make you smile just by looking at them.

Image Source: Reddit/
Image Source: Reddit/u/clown_duck


Moreover, it does not take grand gestures or expensive gifts to show someone you care. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and a lot of love.

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