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Boy melts hearts by singing touching solo at parents' vow renewal: 'It was a special moment'

Although it was his mom's idea for him to sing at the vow renewal ceremony, 12-year-old Aiden knew exactly which song he wanted to sing - Calum Scott's 'You Are The Reason.'

Boy melts hearts by singing touching solo at parents' vow renewal: 'It was a special moment'
Cover Image Source: TikTok / @chasingabundance

Marriage is a blessing, and what better way to celebrate it than by having your child serenading you at your vow renewal ceremony? In a now-viral video making the rounds on the internet, a Florida boy is seen singing at his parents' vow renewal ceremony. On April 12, videographer Danielle Tufano shared the three-minute clip on TikTok, where it has already amassed over 5 million views and over 1 million likes, with many people tearing up at how beautifully he sang. The 12-year-old named Aiden told Good Morning America that although it was his mom's idea to sing at the vow renewal ceremony, he knew exactly which song he wanted to sing: Calum Scott's "You Are The Reason."

"I chose the song because I find it sentimental and sweet," Aiden explained. "I love my parents, so that is why I decided to choose that song to sing at the wedding." Aiden was wiping away tears before regaining his composure to finish his solo ballad. "I was very nervous being in front of that many people," Aiden added. "But I was very excited and happy at the same time to be there at the wedding, to sing for my parents."

His mom, Kemorene Mills Armstrong, shared that Aiden was not the only one tearing up during the opening bars of "You Are The Reason." "When he started, I was very emotional," the mom of three admitted.


"From the beginning, it was very emotional, and then you heard all the guests in the background. They were crying, so I got even more, teary-eyed, so I had to be looking up because all of the tears would be flooding down. So it was a special moment," she added. Even though he was emotional, Aiden focused on the song and his parents, who renewed their vows on March 23 in Port St. Lucie.

"I got very emotional in the start, and then after, I just completely forgot about all the emotions and stuff, and I just let it out," he said. Aiden noted that he loves singing and is pursuing his passion with singing lessons. He hopes to meet famous singers like Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth and Callum Scott one day. 


Mills-Armstrong was surprised when she found out that her son had gone viral on TikTok. "I honestly had no idea that would have happened at all. But I've been reading the comments online, and I'm like, I just cannot believe they're so positive. I've been crying most of the time because I just didn't believe that people love him so much," she said. "It's a very special time for all of us. Even at his school, all his friends, know, the principal knows, and everyone knows right now. So it's a really special time."

Image Source: TikTok / @chasingabundance
Image Source: TikTok / @chasingabundance


Image Source: TikTok / @chasingabundance
Image Source: TikTok / @chasingabundance


Image Source: TikTok / @chasingabundance
Image Source: TikTok / @chasingabundance

People raced to the comments section to praise the parents and express gratitude for having a boy of Aiden's caliber. "Proof that his parents are raising a sensitive and strong young man! Well done Mom and Dad! He’s so incredible," said @ziggygreen. "Can you imagine if every child had parents whose love poured into their children this much?" added @lakishanicole28. 

Many also shared how they were crying while watching the video. "This is so beautiful got me crying in front of all these people," wrote @kdforrr3. "Not me tearing up right when he hit the first note. This is so special," added @drarielmitch. "That first note put a lump in my throat, then when he teared up, I was DONE. This is amazing!" said @kendallmariah.

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