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Boy receives heartwarming gift from his parents after being wrongfully criticized by teacher

A boy's Christmas became infinitely more beautiful when his parents gave him the gift of a lifetime to foster his passion.

Boy receives heartwarming gift from his parents after being wrongfully criticized by teacher
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @caitlin.teal

As a child, it is extremely important to be surrounded by people who act as the wind beneath the sail of someone's dreams. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some adult figures, in their insecurities, bring down a child's aspirations. This is what happened to Finn when his teacher brutally criticized his handwriting and took away all his excitement regarding his passion. However, his mother Caitlin—who goes by @caitlin.teal on TikTok—refused to let it happen. She, along with her partner, came up with an idea to ease Finn into the process of writing again with a heartfelt gift. Since Christmas was just around the corner, they decided to gift it on that day. They recorded Finn's reaction, which was downright adorable.

Image Source: Instagram/@caitlin.teal
Image Source: Instagram | @caitlin.teal

The video began with an overlay text that read, "My son loved to write books until a teacher told him he had horrible handwriting and completely killed his confidence." She featured many files containing cute drawings and text. The files had the child's creativity on full display. They were so sweet that anyone would have a huge smile on their face, seeing the myriad of colors on paper. But the teacher didn't and with her distasteful attitude brought down the child's enthusiasm.

Image Source: Instagram/@caitlin.teal
Image Source: Instagram/@caitlin.teal

No matter how hard the child tried, his zeal for creativity couldn't die down. Therefore, he asked his parents for a typewriter. He understood that with the instrument, he would be able to fulfill his love for stories and also not have to 'write,' which unfortunately he had lost confidence in due to the teacher. The boy wanted his stories to "look nice." Though the parents wanted him to again love his writing and gain confidence in it, they saw how eager he was with the prospect of the typewriter and decided to get it for him. The boy had an infectious joy on his face when he laid his eyes on the typewriter, which was enough to warm the coldest of hearts.

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Amidst laughs, he couldn't believe his eyes and asked, "How did I get that?" The parents told him that "Santa" got the typewriter for him so that he would understand that his writings have the blessings of god and he doesn't need validation from any other soul. Finn soon got to work and began typing away on his new gift. The boy got completely lost in the world of stories created by him. The mother captioned the post with, "Christmas 2023 will always be remembered as 'the year of the typewriter' and for the record— his handwriting is completely perfect and I’ll keep every piece of his work forever."

Image Source: Instagram/@ford_wardrobe
Image Source: Instagram | @ford_wardrobe
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The comment section was up in arms against the teacher who hurt the kid. @thehoundstead loved how the parents went old school with the gift and wrote, "Not a tablet… not a computer.. a typewriter… what an old soul. I’m going to file this away in my memory for when she becomes a published author." @kara_swansiger commented on a suggestion for teachers, "Teachers, take notes. If your words are tearing down a child’s confidence, you are doing your job wrong."

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