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10-yr-old boy raises $6,000 for sick kids by selling hot chocolate: 'I try to be the best person I can'

He had an initial goal of $350 but with the help of his friends and family, he was able to raise much more money for the hospital.

10-yr-old boy raises $6,000 for sick kids by selling hot chocolate: 'I try to be the best person I can'
Image Source: Instagram/cocos_cocoa_for_kids

Kindness and compassion are the most essential qualities of a human being. Often, people spend their lifetime trying to master these attributes but this young boy is already an epitome of these qualities. Ten-year-old Cohen Lane from Ontario has stood outside in freezing temperatures during winter weekends, selling hot chocolate and raising money for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Moreover, his fundraiser was successful and he will be giving a check for $6,130.90 to SickKids which is well over his expectation of $350, per Toronto CTV News.



Cohen says that he is happy with the results of his fundraising. Cohen came up with the concept for the fundraising on his own, according to his mother. He created the stand which served hot chocolate, several toppings and tea alternatives. Those without cash could also donate to the cause by scanning a QR code. Every Saturday and Sunday between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., he put up a seating area where people could enjoy their beverages. When the weather turned bad, neighbors pitched in to help set up canopies, and students took turns staffing a pop-up station at Cohen's school, raising $500 in the process.



Cohen’s mother Karina Oliveira said, "We brought the entire setup into the school, and then every class came down and donated." Cohen said he hopes to do the fundraiser again next year and that his aim is to create a small café where "all profits will still go to SickKids, no matter what." Cohen's cousin was three months old when he was treated at SickKids Hospital for a Tracheal collapse. His family has had a relationship with the hospital and its workers ever since. Oliveira shared during the time the fundraiser was launched, "We’ve had other family members who've had to go to SickKids, like actually recently last month, my young cousin, he also had to go in. Cohen's just really always loved SickKids … it’s just such a great hospital." Cohen is being recognized for his excellent services with certificates of appreciation. Cohen said, "I try to be the best person I can."



Cohen Lane had wanted to conduct a fundraiser for Toronto's Hospital For Sick Children for years but had no idea what to do, per CTV News. The family finally figured out they could make a lawn stand when shopping for Christmas decorations. His mother said, "He was like, ‘Oh, can you do a cocoa stand for me so I can raise money?’ And then we just started kind of building it up." The boy said after he started the stand, "It’s been very busy, but it's been really fun. Everyone said that it was really good chocolate." His venture has surprised many and become successful due to the love and support of his friends and neighbors. Cohen wishes to do many fundraisers in the future.

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