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Boy displays amazing camaraderie as he consoles his opponent after defeating his team

The boy walks up to his friend and tells him to hold his head high and be proud of his performance.

Boy displays amazing camaraderie as he consoles his opponent after defeating his team
Image Source: Twitter/Good News Correspondent

Sports is not just about winning or losing. It can mean different things to different people and in many ways it people together, even opponents. One of the integral parts of sports is good sportsmanship and the values it carries. These values fill any game with immense joy, support, and happiness no matter who wins or loose. A young boy displayed the most important quality of sportsmanship as he supported his opponent with encouraging words. 

This beautiful moment was caught on video and was posted on Twitter by Good News Correspondent. They wrote, "Boy consoles his friend & competitor after a defeat." In the video, a young boy, João Davi, consoles his friend Céser by saying, "I don't want to see you crying. Lift up your head." He said after the game, "I saw my friend César crying. I went to him and gave him my hand. I said that he will never be alone." 

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter


The adorable video shows Davi talking to his friend and asking him to hold his head up high. His friend patiently listens to him displaying that the spirit of sportsmanship can make any game absolutely better. The video has almost 19k views and comments from Twitter users who were moved by this moment. One user commented, "Sportsmanship is the best thing kids learn. Awesome young man." Another added, "Well, shoot. I'd vote for him." 

Sportsmanship allows mutual respect for anyone involved in a game and is the key ethic for any athlete. Another beautiful display of these attributes was observed at the FIFA World Cup as the USA defeated Iran 1-0. The match was obviously intense, but the real emotions really began to surface after it was over. Following the conclusion of the game at Al Thumama Stadium, American players were spotted giving their opponents hugs and showing encouragement. Even though the Iranian squad suffered a bitter setback, they also had to contend with challenging domestic conditions and intense political pressure. 


On the field, the American squad showed real sportsmanship by jumping in to express their condolences and support. Iran's Saeid Ezatolahi appeared to be in despair, so Timothy Weah, Josh Sargent, and Brenden Aaronson went over to him and gave some words of warmth and sympathy. While Ramin Rezaeian, a fellow defender, broke down in tears, Antonee Robinson gave him a long embrace and spent time talking to a devastated Abolfazl Jalali, who had collapsed to the ground. 


Weah said, "Think it’s more than just football. I think the United States and Iran have had so many issues politically and I just wanted to show that we are all human beings and we all love each other." He added, "I just wanted to spread peace and love and show him we come from different backgrounds, we grew up differently. He is still my family, he is still my brother and I love him the same way as the guys I grew up with."  Sportsmanship proves that athletes are more than just players who seek to win or lose. They are human beings with emotions, love and strength.

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