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Boy sneaks into neighbor's garage to steal hug from their dog after his own puppy passed away

Hollie Mallet, the owner of the dog, asked her neighbors on Facebook if they knew this kid who often played with her dog.

Boy sneaks into neighbor's garage to steal hug from their dog after his own puppy passed away
Image source: Facebook/hollie.mallet

Trespassing is considered a serious offense but you can't help but love this little kid who ran into his neighbor's property to hug their dog. Little Josh Breaux of Pierre Part, Louisiana, was playing in the area when he saw an adorable dog in a neighbor's garage. He would return often to see the black Labrador, Dutchess, from far but one day, he couldn't help himself. He ran into the garage and gave the dog a quick hug before running out. The cute incident was caught on the neighbor’s surveillance camera, who shared the footage in the hope of finding the boy, reported ABC News.


Hollie Mallet, the homeowner, was scrolling through the security footage when she came across th cute incident. She posted the video on Facebook to find her dog's little friend. “One day, we were going through the footage, and I told my husband, ‘You’ve got to see this,’ and he [Josh] came in and gave him a quick hug, and we wanted to find out who he was,” she said. “We live in small town, so everyone pretty much knows everyone, but we don’t know all the neighborhood kids because we don’t have small children anymore.”


It wasn't the first time the boy had been spotted on Mallet's security footage. “We had an underground fence set up so my dog can roam freely, so she just stays out but doesn’t go in the road,” said Mallet. “We had noticed once or twice the little boy would stop at the end of the driveway and he would bring a ball and throw it to her." Before long, Josh's mother, Ginger Breaux, saw the video and realizd that it was her son. Breaux addressed the post and said her son absolutely loved the dog. “Josh talks about your dog all the time!” wrote Breaux.

Josh's mother added that she had no idea he was playing with the dog and stealing cute hugs. “Every time we pass he looks to see if she was sitting where he could see her. Just didn’t know he was doing things like this. Last night when I first saw it, I was torn as a momma being happy and upset because he knows he shouldn’t be on someone’s property, but I wake up this morning more happy that he just absolutely adores dogs so much,” she wrote.


Josh's love for dogs stems from having a dog of their own who passed away recently. The Breaux haven't got a new dog but plan to, soon. “We had our dog Bella since Josh was 2, but she passed away last year,” his mother said. “Things have been busy and Josh is active with after school activities so we have not jumped back into taking on the responsibility of starting all over again with a new pup quite yet. It will happen though!” 

For now, Josh has Dutchess to play with. “My dog is superfriendly and loves to play,” said Mallet. “With my husband and I at work all day, it’s great for him to come and find her to play. Every day since, he’s been coming back, and he’s been playing with her, and it’s so fun to check the video at the end of the day to watch them.” Mallet did eventually get to meet the boy, describing him as the "sweetest little boy.” She then added, "It's a win-win. They both get a friend.” Both Mallet and Breaux couldb't be happier. "It is just pure innocence, and we’re so glad to have made a friend,” said Mallet.

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