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Boy bursts into tears as he sees his mother in wedding dress for the first time: 'I'm happy for you'

The boy's mother revealed that he doesn't usually cry in public but was overwhelmed at the sight of his mother in a beautiful dress.

Boy bursts into tears as he sees his mother in wedding dress for the first time: 'I'm happy for you'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/thomasadrianna

We want to see our parents happy and living their best lives after all the hardships they go through while raising us. It is an absolute joy to see your parent find love again and get married. For this young boy, it was an emotional moment to see his mother in a wedding dress. Mekhi Sheffield, 11, played an important role in his mother Sommer Jean's wedding on January 8. He walked her down the aisle with his grandma. 

Image Source: TikTok/thomasadrianna
Image Source: TikTok/thomasadrianna

During the ceremony in downtown St. Augustine, Florida, Jean thought that she won't get to see her son in a tuxedo before the wedding and show him the wedding dress. The 34-year-old told TODAY: "I said to my makeup artist and hair stylist, 'I guess I won't get to do it,' but they said they would make time." Mekhi, fortunately, was close and he entered his mother's bridal suite as Jean's hairstylist was recording. In the video shared on TikTok, Jean tells her son: "Oh, you look so handsome!" Mekhi replies, "Wow, mom, you look really pretty." 

She goes ahead to say, "You ready to walk me down the aisle? You think you can do it? Are you going to cry?" As the child nods, he becomes filled with emotion and begins to cry. Jean says, "I love you" as the boy goes in to hug his mother. She asks, "Are they happy tears?" and Mekhi replies, "I'm so happy for you." Jean shared that Mekhi doesn't usually cry in public, but he was overcome with emotions since he had never seen his mother look that lovely before.


She added, "When the camera turned off, I wiped his tears and reminded him how to hold his arm when he walked me down the aisle." Mekhi maintained his composure until the wedding march, when he became overwhelmed again when he met his future stepfather, Jeff Jean, 42. The couple met online in May 2021 and got engaged on Thanksgiving Day a few months later. Jeff proposed to his future wife's family, including Mekhi, at the dinner table. Mekhi's mother claims that after becoming close to his stepfather, her son has been opening up more. 


The "first look" video of the mother and son gathered almost 7.6 million views on TikTok and over 2 million likes. TikTok users had several reactions to this beautiful video with one user, @ebbymonique81, saying, "I almost lost it when he said, I'm so happy for you!" Another user, @theeentrepreneur904, added, "Why am I watching this again? Lawd that 'I’m so happy for you' was so sincere he loves his mom." @neesyrb, added, "Got this boy mama in tears! What a precious moment." 

"Love everything about this! Love the dress! I absolutely love [it]. The fact that he was the one to walk you down the aisle? That's amazing," @mommy_to_waylon added. Jean has also posted several videos from her wedding which looks like an absolutely joyous and grand event. It is extremely heartwarming to witness the special bond she shares with her son.

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