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Boy asks Santa to give his hoverboard as a gift to a grieving child who wanted the same present

9-year-old Hudson Boyer said he wanted to gift the hoverboard in order to make the boy happy during the holiday season.

Boy asks Santa to give his hoverboard as a gift to a grieving child who wanted the same present
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A nine-year-old boy had wanted a hoverboard for Christmas but asked Santa to give the gift to another young boy who needed it more than he did. Hudson Boyer was moved when he learned the story of a kid who had lived with his grandparents but had lost his grandfather to cancer. Jason and Sandi Boyer like to help others during the holiday time and this year they got in touch with Barry L. Joyce Cancer Fund in Madison, which anonymously matched them with the boy's family. The boy was now being taken care of by his grandmother, reported Good News Network. Much like Hudson, the boy also had a hoverboard on the top of his Santa wishlist. The pandemic has made it a hard time for everyone as it has caused a financial and health crisis. After learning of the boy's plight and his wish for Christmas, Hudson didn't hesitate a second to write a letter to Santa, asking for his gift to be given to the boy. 

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"Every year we try to think about someone or an organization to help out, normally focusing on children, and this year we found the Barry L. Joyce Cancer Fund in Madison," said Meteorologist Jason from Asheville, North Carolina. "They put us in contact with a child who is parentless and was being looked after by his grandparents, but just recently his grandfather had passed away with cancer. Now he only has his grandmother to look after him and his siblings, so we knew they would be stressed and that this time of the year would be hard on them, particularly with the cost of medical care," added Jason Boyer.

What the parents didn't expect was for a nine-year-old to process that the boy needed the gift more than he did. "We explained the story to our son and asked him if he would be willing to give up his hoverboard for this little boy. He immediately said yes which surprised us, because at that age you don’t really think they would do that," said Jason. "We wanted to help a little boy who was the same age as Hudson just so it would hit home a bit more, and it just so happened that he wanted exactly the same thing as my son," said Non-profit executive Sandi. "I honestly thought he’d forget about it after we told him. Then he just wrote his letter to Santa. When he gave it to us, I cried," she added. His parents were incredibly moved by the gesture that they decided to gift both boys a hoverboard from Santa this year. Hudson's definitely made the nice list, so he deserves it.



This year has been incredibly dark for kids despite the holiday season because of coronavirus. Many have seen their parents lose jobs, and struggle to make ends meet. The struggles of the kids and their families were reflected in this year's Santa Program, organized by the United States Postal Service's Operation. The letters sent to the program by kids gives us a window into the devastating effects of the pandemic on families. Unlike other years, many kids are seeking help and requesting basic necessities for their family as opposed to toys and gifts. USPS employees have highlighted this issue and called on Americans to help answer and fulfill them. "The program has always been about providing holiday gifts for families who may not have the means to provide for anything more than basic everyday needs," said USPS spokesperson Kimberly Frum via email, reported PEOPLE. "This year, there are likely more families impacted financially and emotionally. 2020 has seen its share of challenges affecting individuals and families in so many ways. COVID-19 resulted in job losses, temporary unemployment, and, sadly, the loss of family and friends," added Frum. 

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