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Boy and best friend who were told their survival rate was 2% walk the stage at graduation

Reddit user and proud dad Timfrostyo shared an adorable side-by-side comparison of his son and his best friend as kids and then at graduation. They beat the odds!

Boy and best friend who were told their survival rate was 2% walk the stage at graduation
Image Source: Timfrostyo / Reddit

In a viral Reddit post, a best friend duo has been highly praised for their greatest accomplishment yet: graduation. The post, uploaded by one of the boys' fathers, explained that his son and his son's best friend had been given a 2% chance at survival when they were born. However, they both defeated the odds and have done the impossible by being able to walk the stage at their own graduation.

Image Source: Timfrostyo / Reddit


The father explained in the title of his post, "My son and his best friend, both told their survival rate would be around two percent, never walk, and live in a vegetative state if they made it past seven years, both walked the stage and graduated tonight!" Evidently, the dad, who goes by the username Timfrostyo on Reddit, was super excited. Joining him in his excitement were thousands of equally joyous Reddit users who were just super happy to see a heartwarming story like this one pop up on their feed. Several took to the comments section in order to congratulate the young men.

One user commented, "Dude, just yes. They’re looking nice in their graduation clothes too. This makes me super happy (specifically as a mom of special needs kiddo too)!" As per the photo of the two boys at their graduation, the original poster's son was all jazzed up in a blue blazer and yellow pants. His friend decided to keep it casual with a plaid shirt and a good ol' pair of blue jeans (he wore his classic black graduation robe over top). One Reddit user pointed out that Timfrostyo's looked a lot like Freddie Mercury, the frontrunner of the band Queen. They wrote, "The guy on the right of the graduation photo kinda looks like Freddie Mercury to me for some reason."

To this, the dad responded, "Haha. That’s my son. And he gets that ALL THE TIME. I agree ha." Another user added, "It doesn't help that his clothing style is kinda poppy too, seems like something Mercury might wear if he were more modest, lol." However, it wasn't just the present-day photo that got a lot of attention. The photo to the right of when the young men were adorable babies received quite a lot of attention as well. Others, still, admired the friendship that the two friends shared. "The way your son's best friend looks at your son," a user stated. "Adorable." Ultimately, this Reddit post is a reminder to all parents to not give up on their kids. Children with disabilities are lovely to raise and deserve the same kind of love and attention that abled children receive. My heart is sufficiently full.

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