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Employee has the last laugh after boss ignores their work and scolds them for being 10 minutes late

An employee reveals how their boss took their work for granted and only realized their worth once they left the company.

Employee has the last laugh after boss ignores their work and scolds them for being 10 minutes late
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio, Reddit | u/Latter-Station2328

Most employers tend to underestimate the amount of work their employees put in. They often take their hard work for granted, which often pushes employees to look for better places to work. u/Latter-Station2328 shared a story on Reddit that went along these lines and it has received 3K upvotes and 141 comments on the site. The individual started the post by mentioning that they worked in the mutual funds division of a large brokerage firm.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Christina Morillo
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Christina Morillo

They shared, "My duties included working on special projects for the controller, coordinating with the users on any issues that needed to be addressed and working on automating all processes." The individual loved doing their job and was quite good at it. Since they had quite a bit of tasks to do, they had two extra computers that would run while they worked on other things to streamline their workload better. Thankfully, the nature of their job meant that they had little to no supervision.

But they did not slack off using this as an excuse and would often voluntarily come in as early as 7:00 AM, sometimes even staying till 7:00 PM. "I easily did two to three times the work of anyone else. I was always the first one in and generally the last one to leave," they revealed. All of this changed when, one day, the individual decided to take an extended lunch break as they had a few errands to run. They ended up taking an extra ten minutes to return and they were called to the manager's office.

The individual was "reamed" by the manager for an hour just because they took an extra ten minutes for their lunch break. They did not back up and informed him that they worked extra, opting to come in early and stay late just so that the work would be done on time. The individual shared, "His answer totally blew me away. He said it doesn't matter how early you get in or how late you stay; only what happens between nine and five counts."

This reply frustrated the hard-working employee, so they decided to teach the manager a lesson by strictly adhering to his rules. The individual began to work only during designated work hours and would stop working as soon as it ended. "He never said anything about this as he knew he brought it on himself. All that resulted from this is he lost over five hours of work a day from me," they stated. Time passed and they soon quit to go work at a better company with increased pay.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Starrion
Image Source: Reddit | u/Starrion
Image Source: Reddit | u/theoldman-1313
Image Source: Reddit | u/theoldman-1313

They concluded the post by revealing how they found out that their ex-boss had to hire three people to do their work. The individual reflected on how his boss had no idea how easily his work was being done till they exited the company. People loved the way the story turned out and expressed their thoughts in the comments section. u/yellowbird_87 said, "Good for you! I'm currently in the exact same scenario. Some managers just don't know when to stop while they're ahead." u/HootblackDesiato highlighted, "You should not have been giving them all that time in the first place. It's never appreciated and rarely reimbursed."

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