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Boss impliments 'Bare Minimum Mondays' to keep Monday blues at bay for staff: 'Best decision ever'

Adelaide marketing manager Caitlin Winter said 'Bare Minimum Mondays' has helped her staff to improve productivity and work-life balance.

Boss impliments 'Bare Minimum Mondays' to keep Monday blues at bay for staff: 'Best decision ever'
Cover Image Source: Instagram / @caitlinjwinter

"Bare minimum Mondays" is the most riveting workplace catchphrase the social media generation uses when discussing their work habits or strategies for managing the start of the workweek. The idea behind this is to low-key get through the new week after dreading the Sunday Scaries and focusing on the bare minimum to avoid feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. While this trend has garnered much debate for being "too lazy," one Aussie boss is defending her choice to practice 'Bare Minimum Mondays' at work. Adelaide marketing manager Caitlin Winter told that it was a way for staff to take their time on Mondays and treat themselves with “space and kindness” to set up for a productive week ahead. 

Image Source: TikTok/@caitlinjwinter
Image Source: TikTok/@caitlinjwinter

The 31-year-old made waves on social media after speaking about her experience of adopting the viral work trend. “A lot of people think it means I sit in my PJs all day in front of the TV and do no work,” she said. “But in reality, it is simply a day where we work from home, don’t schedule any meetings and just treat ourselves with a little more space and kindness." Winter said Mondays are not for putting pressure on yourselves to do big projects. “Other things that we might get to do on these days are loads of washing we didn’t get to on the weekend, grocery shopping, planning dinners for the week, or walking your dog," she added. “For one team member, it means being able to drop off and pick up her kids from school that she can't do during the week.”

Since the pandemic, many companies have incorporated flexible working modes, including ‘work from home,’ which allows freedom to choose their work hours. These changes have been praised by staff, who say that it improves productivity and mental health and helps to achieve an optimal work-life balance. Now, ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’ is sweeping the nation with positive feedback, and Winter is an avid supporter of the trend that has helped employees at her workplace and herself.

Image Source: TikTok/@caitlinjwinter
Image Source: TikTok/@caitlinjwinter

She noted that she utilizes the first day of the week to prep for the rest of the days so she has a smooth week ahead. “On Mondays, I carve out time for myself to get to some personal and professional development,” she said. “These are articles that have been on the reading list for weeks, email newsletters that go unread in my inbox, and training that requires me to block out significant amounts of time." If there are any urgent matters that she needs to tend to, Winters will do so, and she does not push all ‘work’ to Tuesday. She shared that she got inspired by Marisa Jo, the creator of 'Bare Minimum Mondays.' “I thought the idea was fantastic," said Winter. "I remember sending the story to a colleague in my team at the time and saying ‘How cool is this?’"


Winter revealed that her staff is impressed by the new working mode and overall productivity has significantly improved. “My team and I seem happier and more efficient when we’re given ‘permission’ to work when it is good for us and when we’re most productive," she said. “Our team are all very capable and have a great level of pride for the work we produce, so the benefits of Bare Minimum Mondays is that we feel supported in our roles and we have space to work in a way that fits around our lives."

She added that giving a quieter start to the week helps the office to feel more energetic and productive. Winter has noted that 'Bare Minimum Mondays' has positively affected her life and she encourages managers and companies to consider adapting this philosophy as part of their routine.


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