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Boomer mom and millennial daughter compare their lives at 27 and the differences are hilarious

The duo paints a funny picture of the disparity between boomers who had it easier than their struggling millennial offspring.

Boomer mom and millennial daughter compare their lives at 27 and the differences are hilarious
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Iris

In a radically changing world, the difference between two generations is always drastic. Many factors, such as lifestyle, economy, society, ethical values, way of learning and even work culture, undergo a massive shift. So no matter what generation one belongs to, whether it's millennials, Gen X or Gen Zs, one cannot relate to their parents' time in various aspects. But amidst the generational conflicts happening online, one mother-daughter pair put forth a humorous take on the differences in their lives at the age of 27. The mother-daughter duo shared their "My Life Vs My Mom's Life At Age 27" comparison in a video uploaded by the YouTube channel Iris.

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Alyssa Limperis, a millennial actor/comedian based in Los Angeles, and her boomer mom compared various factors of their life at the age of 27. "I had my first child at 27. My son," said the mom, whereas the daughter, at 27, had "food babies when she ate burritos." The mom then mentioned that she was married for five years at 27 and the unmarried Limperis said that if she were married five years ago, it would've been to a quirky Tinder stranger. "At 27, I rented an apartment where if I lie down, I could touch every wall. I don't have a closet," the millennial added, voicing out the sad truth of her generation's economic state, whereas the mom shared that she owned a 4-bedroom house and enjoyed lavish home-cooked meals in her 20s.

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A post shared by Alyssa Limperis (@alyssalimp)


The duo met in the middle when it came to fashion, where both generations wore high-waisted pants, but when it came to millennials having their meals in bed, the boomer mom couldn't relate to them at all. The Part 1 video ended with the pair sharing one common aspect that never goes obsolete in any generation: loving their moms. More such interesting comparisons came up in a Part 2 video and this time, the mom and daughter discussed things like dating, chores, plans, prized possessions and so on. 


When asked if the 57-year-old checked her voicemails when she was 27, she said, "Absolutely, it's important," but the daughter, like many millennials, didn't care much about them. Talking about essential chores, Limperis' mom shared that she had to keep the yard work, like mowing the lawn, whereas the daughter hasn't even changed her Brita filter. Limperis is an example of how millennials are unapologetically clumsy, unlike boomers who stick to the plans that they made a week earlier. While the mom's prized possession was her house, the daughter joked that she treasured a pair of oversized Marc Jacobs hand-me-down pants. Big life moments were announced with personal telephone calls during the parent's generation, unlike the daughter who simply spreads the word on Instagram.


Finding it crazy that her daughter wore a crop top and ripped jeans to work, the mom revealed that her generation never binged on TV as millennials did. When it comes to dating, Limperis shared that millennials usually go through a few dates before sleeping over which is a big no-no to the boomer mom. "They're never gonna sleep over," laughed the mom and mentioned that only after two months of dating did she even consider kissing Limperis' dad. Despite the far-flung differences between the two generations, Limperis and her mom have managed to embrace their polar opposite lifestyles.

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