This blind sled dog just completed a 100-mile race and is now set to tackle a 300-mile run

This badass little doggo almost had to bid adieu to his days as a "superstar" sled dog when he lost sight in both eyes.

Cover Image Source: Facebook/Frank Moe

Indy, a 7-year-old Alaskan husky, is a shining example of what resilience and sheer willpower in the face of adversity can help one achieve. This badass little doggo almost had to bid adieu to his days as a "superstar" sled dog when he lost sight in both eyes. However, his lack of vision wasn't enough to stop Indy from what he loved the most—running. Earlier this month, the tough pawster proved his strength and true potential when he completed a 100-mile race along with his owner, Frank Moe.


Speaking to MPR News, Moe revealed that Indy first lost sight in one eye three and a half years ago. Not ready to give up on his furry friend just yet, Moe began running him alongside Popcorn—one of Indy's friends in the sled dog team—to help him cope. Running with his fellow sled dog on the trail in northeastern Minnesota, the resilient doggo quickly adapted to having vision in just one eye. However, tragic fate struck again and Indy soon lost vision in his second eye.




With a heavy heart, Moe resigned to retiring Indy from sled races and caring for him as a house pet. However, Indy wasn't ready to call it quits on his racing career just yet. "He's such a happy-go-lucky dog. We almost turned him into a house pet. But he just wants to run. It's all he wants to do," Moe revealed. The former state legislator who lives in Hovland gave the hardy doggo a year to adjust to his loss of sight, following which he began running him in some recreational races to get him back on the trail.



Indy bounced back to his full potential last season as he took on longer races and became as strong as the rest of the dogs. Moe revealed that the resilient canine now fulfills the role of the wheel in dogsled parlance—a position given to the strongest dog in the team with the wheel running behind all his teammates and right in front of the musher. Indy proved why he's been assigned this role during the 100-mile Gunflint Mail Run in Cook County, Minnesota, earlier this month during he refused to let his lack of vision stop him from giving it all. The race included two 50-mile legs with only a few hours of rest in between.




Speaking of Indy's awe-inspiring performance during the race, Moe said, "He was as strong as any of the other dogs. We just thought, 'Oh my gosh, Indy's back!'" The badass Alaskan husky is far from ready to retire his racing career though as he now prepares to compete in the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon—a 300-mile race up the state’s North Shore. Despite the strenuous nature of the course, Moe is confident Indy will be able to keep up. "As long as he gets some love and attention and some treats at the end. That’s all he cares about," he said.



Praising Indy in a Facebook post earlier this month, Moe wrote, "Here's our boy Indy before the 2nd leg of the Gunflint Mail Run yesterday. At 100 miles it's by far the longest race he's done since he went blind 3 years ago. He finished strong and happy in 8th place in the 12 dog class. Our 8 dog team with Steph Love at the helm placed 4th! My incredible wife Sherri managed the whole show. Time for a massage honey."


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