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Inspiring blind singer with autism wins Heidi Klum's heart and golden buzzer through stunning vocals

With her heartfelt performance, a blind singer with autism, who was adopted by a teacher, secured Heidi Klum's Golden Buzzer.

Inspiring blind singer with autism wins Heidi Klum's heart and golden buzzer through stunning vocals
Cover Image Source: YouTube/America's Got Talent

Any fan of America's Got Talent will know that a judge pressing the Golden Buzzer for a contestant is no small feat. It is a special honor which sends the performer straight to the live shows and is very rarely seen. It indicates that the act was performed on a level that moved the judges emotionally. Judge Heidi Klum had the privilege of bestowing this honor on a very special contestant this month.


A diverse group of exceptionally talented performers took the stage when the show resumed auditions following a short break. However, in the final act, singer Lavender Darcangelo truly captivated everyone. The touching story of Darcangelo, who is visually impaired and autistic, and her remarkable vocal abilities deeply resonated with the judges and the audience, leading Kulm to press the Golden Buzzer.

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Speaking to PEOPLE in an interview, 27-year-old Darcangelo said, "I did not expect this to happen. Ever since I was a little kid, my biggest dream was to record CDs, sing in front of huge audiences and inspire people. When Heidi gave me the Golden Buzzer, it felt like a sort of deja vu because things like this already happened in my mind when I was four years old."

She added, "I had to pinch myself because it felt like I thought I was just being four years old and lying on the couch again and daydreaming as usual!" Darcangelo does not recollect much of her audition, saying it was a "blur." During Darcangelo's audition, she was accompanied by her father, Wil, on stage. She shared that she decided to participate in the show because she has numerous aspirations, one of which is to establish a school where classes are tailored to the individual interests of children.

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Additionally, Darcangelo revealed that Wil adopted her "later in life" after she attended an after-school music program that he had created. Wil recounted the story: "Lavender and I met, she asked me to adopt her and I said, 'Well, I'm a member of a faculty, and that's not just how it works'." Years passed, and she struggled quite a bit until she moved in with his family. A year later, she officially became their daughter.

Afterward, Darcangelo took the stage and delivered a heartfelt rendition of a renowned Irene Cara song from a musical classic dating back to 1980. The judges were deeply moved by the raw emotion she conveyed through her performance and her remarkable singing abilities. The impact was so profound that it garnered a standing ovation from the judges.

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Ultimately, it was Heidi who was particularly moved and decided to use her Golden Buzzer to advance Lavender to the next stage of the competition. Heidi said, "As a child, I lived for the movie Fame, so I loved that she was singing 'Out Here On My Own.' I immediately felt a connection with Lavender, and I knew that I wanted to be her biggest cheerleader in this competition."

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