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Blind dog gets unconditional support from 'seeing eye cat' who guides him through life: 'Yin to his yang'

Spike and Max came into a shelter home together. They found comfort in one another, sparking a connection that helped them grow and bond inseparably.

Blind dog gets unconditional support from 'seeing eye cat' who guides him through life: 'Yin to his yang'
Cover Image Source: Facebook| Saving Grace Animal Society

People don't need a special someone to feel a certain sense of warmth and belonging. It can emanate from anyone - family, a close friend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger. The same is the case with animals. CBC News wrote about a similar bond that began to grow between Max and Spike, a "seeing eye" cat and a blind dog who have been with each other throughout their lives. Spike needed his eyes removed due to severe cataracts that were burdensome and painful. It was a challenge for the blind dog to get by and that’s when Max, the cat, came to the rescue. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Snapwire
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Snapwire

I Heart Cats reported that the duo were sent to Saving Grace Animal Society after having cruel and unfriendly owners. They stuck together in the animal shelter and snuggled with each other as brothers to stay warm and find comfort. Maz displayed his responsible love and care for Spike when the canine had his eyes removed. Amanda McClughan from the rescue home said, “Max just provides a level of comfort and support for him. He can smell him, he can feel him, and so it’s kind of a way to bring his stress and his anxiety down.” Nothing changed for the duo post Spike’s surgery and it was only love and care that increased. 


Amanda said that they waited on Spike’s complete healing before putting the duo up for adoption. However, Max had become a guide, a support, a friend and more for Spike. He became his home. As unusual a duo as they seemed to be, they were inseparable and their bond was strong. "They're just looking for a quieter home and someone that has the patience to be able to work with Spike to show him his new surroundings. And then someone that can provide a nice home environment for Max to go to,” Amanda said.



Even when they had to be put up for adoption, the shelter shared a post on Facebook highlighting the connection the feline and canine shared. “Spike is an 8-year-old medium mixed breed with no eyesight - he is completely blind, but don’t feel bad for him, he loves life and is a happy boy.  He’s 8 years young and ready to spend the rest of his life being spoiled with his buddy Max!” Adding more about their intertwined lifestyles, the caption read, “Max is the yin to his yang - his balance in life. He is the constant that Spike has known throughout his life and because of that, it’s imperative they be adopted together. Max is such a character and he’s sure to keep you laughing!”


The post further requested that the duo be adopted together as they had seen enough of the cruelties of life and had found belonging and relief in one another. "It's a pretty cute sight to see a dog and a cat with such a friendship,” Amanda pointed out. Sure enough, luck shone through for the two furry creatures and soon, a woman offered to adopt Max and Spike. In another post with their pet momma, the caption explained how the duo were all set to begin a new life together. “Spike and Max have officially been adapted and they are on their way home with their new mama!”


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