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Black woman accused of trafficking her white adoptive sister on flight, questioned by authorities

Lakeyjanay Bailey was questioned about her realtionship with her adoptive 4-year-old sister. They also called their mother to confirm the relationship.

Black woman accused of trafficking her white adoptive sister on flight, questioned by authorities
Image source: YouTube screenshot/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

A Black 21-year-old woman was accused of being a sex trafficker while traveling with her 4-year-old adopted sister on a flight. Lakeyjanay Bailey had just traveled from Colorado to Texas in a flight with her younger sister and when she was stopped by authorities inside the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport gate. An employee of Frontier Airlines had reportedly told authorities that she suspected the Black woman of having trafficked the little girl accompanying her, reported Denver 7. Olivia, who's white, is Bailey's adopted sister. Lakeyjanay Bailey alleged it was a case of racism and she wouldn't have been stopped if the color of their skin were reversed. Bailey was in tears as she spoke to Denver 7 about the incident. As Bailey wipes away her tears, her sister Olivia leans on her shoulder in support during an emotional moment. Bailey then hugs her little sister.  



The employee of Frontier Airlines, who remains unidentified, contacted the Dallas Fort Worth Department of Safety and reported the incident. She was also viewed with suspicion and stared at while being asked questions about the relationship between her and Olivia, her sister. “There were two police officers, and they came up to me and said, ‘Is it okay if we talk to you?'” Bailey said. They asked Olivia if she knew the woman she was with, among other questions. The cops also had Bailey call their mother and spoke to her, to confirm that they were indeed sisters. Their mother is a social worker and they repeatedly pressed her for validation of the relationship.



Even after confirmation from their mother, the cops followed them to the baggage claim area and further confirming their relationship with the person how had come to pick them up at the airport. “The whole time they were talking with us, people kept staring at us, whispering and stuff,” Bailey said. Frontier Airlines defended itself on the claims that they had received a complaint from another passenger who suspected the woman was trafficking a child. Denver 7 News reported that Frontier Airlines informed authorities and asked to look into the case because someone felt that Bailey’s 2001 birthdate was a travel issue considering that her travel companion was born in 2017.


Bailey is adamant that race played a factor in being pulled aside by the cops before being asked about their relationship. “If the roles were changed, and it was a white person walking off the plane with a Black person — like a Black child, I feel like things would be different,” said Bailey.



Frontier Airlines released a statement saying air travel was a common means of human trafficking so they were just making sure. “A concern was raised during the flight by another passenger who was sitting near the woman and child and suspected human trafficking,” read the statement. “That passenger approached the flight crew with those concerns and subsequently completed a written report during the flight to document her observations. The captain was notified and felt an obligation to report the matter. Air travel is one of the most common means for human trafficking." The company also denied that the woman's color or her sister's color played a part in the complaint or the subsequent investigation. "Race played no part in the actions of the flight crew who were following established protocols,” concluded the statement. The family is considering taking legal action against the airlines.

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