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Black-owned beauty brand releases 'Coming 2 America' collection, showcases Black beauty

UOMA Beauty launched its newest product lineup Black Magic Coming 2 America Collection in honor of the upcoming sequel.

Black-owned beauty brand releases 'Coming 2 America' collection, showcases Black beauty
Image Source: uomabeauty / Facebook

After over three decades, a sequel to Eddie Murphy's classic movie from 1988 Coming to America has finally been slated for release. In honor of the sequel, ingeniously titled Coming 2 America, makeup brand UOMA Beauty has launched its newest makeup collection. The makeup collection pays homage to the movie's iconic characters. The award-winning cosmetics company has titled the collection Black Magic Coming 2 America. The makeup collection captures Black beauty in its most glorious form and has received much praise for its powerful ad campaign. The campaign imagery features African royalty and tribe culture, Good Morning America reports.



The full makeup collection includes three lipsticks, a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, two mini eyeshadow palettes, two eyeliners, as well as a highlighter palette. All the products draw inspiration from the country of Zamunda in addition to African royalty. The collection also focuses on the Fulani tribe in Nigeria, Niger, and Chad, and the Ndebele and Aso Ebi/Aso Oke culture. It is rare to see African culture captured so elegantly in mainstream media and particularly in makeup, where shades (from foundation to lipstick to eyeshadow) have often been crafted with fairer skin tones in mind. The Black Magic Coming 2 America Collection from UOMA Beauty is thus groundbreaking.



Celebrity makeup artist Sir John, fashion stylist Zerina Akers, and world-renowned photographer Trevor Stuurman are three of the key contributors to the collection. In addition to this, the campaign imagery has played a pivotal role in marketing the powerful makeup collection. This campaign features some of the original costumes from the film, all developed by costume designer Ruth E. Carter. The designer's costumes are all odes to historic African queens. In order to market the makeup collection, UOMA Beauty engineered a portrait series titled "The Black Skinned Beauty." The series was created as a manifestation of courage, pride, heritage, opulence, and resilience.



The collection is comprised of rich shades and glowing metallics that are highly pigmented. The whole lineup of products also includes fun names inspired by the upcoming film. Some of these names are "Zamundan Sun" and "Peaches & Akeem," for example. If you would like to get your hands on the new collection from UOMA Beauty, you can visit the brand's official website. Alternatively, you can head to your nearest Ulta, Nordstrom, or makeup retail store. The makeup collection is set to launch in several mass retailers across the United States.



UOMA Beauty, a Black-owned beauty brand, was founded by Nigerian-born, Los Angeles and London-based former beauty executive Sharon Chuter. The name UOMA, pronounced uh-mah, translates to "beautiful." The brand's website reads, "We believe that beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself. We exist to re-write the rules of inclusivity and diversity to create a world of beauty that truly is for all of us... At UOMA we are an empowered tribe. Our race is human, our people are free, our language is color. All are welcome to our beautiful tribe." Their values are self-expression, colorful living, African pride, empowerment, inclusivity, and beautiful rebellion.



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