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Black man claims he wouldn't hire folks with 'ghetto' names, gets schooled: 'Shame on you'

Watch Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White take down a random Twitter user with the most sick burn ever.

Black man claims he wouldn't hire folks with 'ghetto' names, gets schooled: 'Shame on you'
Image Source: Cliggaveli / Twitter

In a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, two researchers discovered that applications or resumes for open job listings were more likely to be picked up for an interview if they had White-sounding names attached to them rather than Black-sounding ones. Now, this may not be shocking to most of us. The same principle is true for applications submitted by men in comparison to women's applications. When Twitter user Cliggaveli claimed he wouldn't hire someone with the name "Tre'Davious," that is, a Black-sounding name, he got schooled by someone with that exact name in the most awesome burn of all time.

The user in question originally posted, "If I'm hiring and I see a name onna [on an] application 'Tre'Davious,' nope. I'm ballin' his app up and tossin' it inna [in the] trash like a George [Garvin] finger roll... I can just HEAR his pants saggin'." The name, as he suggested, sounded too "ghetto" to be attached to someone who could be "professional." The irony of the situation was that the user was, in fact, Black himself. Of course, this was not lost on others who were quick to point out his hypocrisy. One person responded, "Funny, I’m never hiring anyone who writes crap like 'onna' and 'inna.'" Another added, "Yeaaa, all skin folk ain't kin folk." Others, still, highlighted that he was whitewashed.

The greatest takedown of his ignorance, nonetheless, was from none other than the National Football league's cornerback for the Buffalo Bills, Tre White, full name Tre'Davious. Tre'Davious, who goes by the username TakeAwayTre_ on the social media platform, stated: "Shame on you! This Tre’Davious is a high school class valedictorian and a two time All Sec Academic Honor Roll Student. Also, I graduated in [three and a half] years from Louisiana State University. But it don’t matter, Imma be the one doing the hiring! I’m my own damn boss. NEXT." He even threw in an emoji of the peace sign to let Mr. Cliggaveli know that they were cool (though after you destroy someone like that, is there even really a discussion?)



Several folks appreciated his awesome response. "It’s appalling that you even had to write this tweet," one user replied. "But I’m proud of you for addressing the obviously racist remarks from this person." Another wrote, "Well said, great response to such horrendous prejudice. Never mind your athleticism, you're clearly an inspiration and role model for the other parts of your life." And that's that on the most marvelous burn in history. We hope Twitter user Cliggaveli's got some aloe vera handy.

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