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This video of a teacher staring down a student for trying to help a friend has us spooked

The student confronted the teacher after she refused to point out what she had done to distract the teacher and class.

This video of a teacher staring down a student for trying to help a friend has us spooked
Image source: Reddit

Classrooms can be charged-up environments, and it's not easy for a teacher to handle a room full of boisterous energetic students. Silence, apparently, is a powerful tool as one teacher highlighted as she commanded the attention of the class and that of a student she intended to apprehend. The context of the video isn't exactly clear, but the freakish vibe the teacher gave out has instantly gone viral. In the video, the student appeared to be helping a friend with something when the teacher approached them. The teacher quietly leans into the desk separating the two students without uttering a word, reported God.Dailydot. The student was crouched by the desk of her friend and was helping her with something but the teacher wasn't having it. She quietly stares at the student. 


“I’m sorry that I was helping my friend with her work,” the student says while smiling at the teacher, who's in no mood to respond and continues staring her down. The video or the comments didn't explain the context of the video, so there's no way of knowing what really ticked off the teacher. The students around them start murmuring and the attention of all the students in the classroom turns toward the teacher. Some of the other students have caught up on what the teacher's doing and can be heard quietly laughing among themselves. 

The concerned student facing the icy stare of the teacher finally stands up and confronts the teacher. “I can tell you’re trying to intimidate me, but I don’t quite care,” the student said. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I was trying to help my friend.” The teacher still doesn't bat an eye and continues staring at her. There is palpable tension in the air. The student maintains her stance and urges the teacher to speak to her, and explain if she did anything wrong, rather than just stare at her. “If you’re going to say something to me, I’d rather you say it now than keep staring at me.”


The teacher still refuses to speak. The classroom gets edgy about her almost non-verbal passive-aggressive staredown. The student is willing to have a dialogue but the teacher doesn't relent. “This doesn’t have any communication and it doesn’t achieve anything,” the student tells her teacher. “Please tell me what you want to say.” The video posted to Reddit ends there. The original video was posted on TikTok but has since been deleted. Some who claimed to have seen the original video said the teacher, non-verbally asked the student to leave class and pointed towards the door. The student duly obliged and left the classroom. 

Teachers are overworked and underpaid, and some in Reddit's comment section said she was probably very little away from completely snapping. A majority was of the opinion that the teacher needs to communicate better, especially when the student is literally asking what she's done wrong. Many pointed out that teachers can hardly get any message across to their students if they aren't willing to communicate. 

Some even started taking wild guesses as to what prompted that kind of reaction from their teacher. "Yeah, I'm placing my bets on the girl who has been an antagonist for weeks, and the teacher has had it with both the girls' lack of respect and the administration's lack of ability to deal with sh*tty students," wrote one person. "Yeah for sure. "I'm sorry you're mad I was trying to help my friend" with that smug a$$ look and condescending tone when the conversation was very obviously a personal one," another person added. One person said the student also needs to watch their behavior. "That girl is the exact reason I'm not a teacher. Zero f*cking patience for teenagers being sh*tty and smug a$$holes. I'd nope right out," another person commented

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