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Bigot who used N-word gets smacked across the face with a can of twisted tea

The Ohio man wasn't wearing a mask and went on a racist tirade before getting hit on the face with a can.

Bigot who used N-word gets smacked across the face with a can of twisted tea
Image source: Reddit

A racist from Ohio got what was coming to him as he got slapped across his face with a can of Twisted Tea. A video doing rounds on the internet shows a white man using the N-word at a convenience store. The incident is believed to have taken place at a Circle K store on Broad Street in Elyria. He was the only person at the store not wearing a mask. The video shows him repeatedly calling a customer, a Black man, the N-word at the store. Despite the Black customer asking him to stop he continues. The Black man picks up a can of Twisted Tea and whacks him across the face, sending him flying onto the floor, reported Newsweek. The sound of the can making contact with his face is what, I imagine, poetic justice sounds like. The can bursts open as it makes contact with his face, giving it an added pop. The video has gone viral. #TwistedTea was trending on Twitter shortly after. 


The video was first shared on Reddit and was titled "Drunk guy yells N-Word and gets SMACKED with Twisted Tea Can." The video was posted on Christmas Eve but has already been watched close to 2 million times. In the video, the Black man can be seen patiently waiting in line by the counter. The white man ahead of him appears to be drunk and has just placed beers on the counter. He shouts at the Black man and threatens to perform a sex act on his mother. "F*ck my momma? F*ck your momma, n*gger," the man appears to tell the Black man. He slurs through his words but threatens to attack him at his home. He tells him he's "two blocks away," before adding "And you know what's crazy? Imma walk to you. Right to my house for you. On God."


He calmly tells him to stop using the N-word but the other man ignores the request and continues. The man then goads the Black man into a fight and shouts out his address with the intention of inviting him to a fight. The bigot then claims he means no disrespect when using the N-word. "I'm not trying to disrespect you bro, I'm not." The man calmly tells him, "Then stop saying it.” However, the white man continues using the N-word. “I’ma say n-word all day, every day. Are you kidding me? Where you from, n***er?”


The Black man tells him he's from the neighborhood but this appears to rile up the other man who starts insulting him, calling him a clown and the N-word. Pushed to his breaking point, the Black man slowly picks up the can of Twisted Tea off the counter at the convenience store. The white man challenges him, “What? You gonna smack me with that? Smack me. Smack me, n***er!” The Black man obliges and delivers a blow that wouldn't have been out of place in a Martin Scorcese film. He swings the can right into the white man's face and in retrospect, it couldn't have been choreographed better. The bigot is sent reeling to the floor. The person videoing the whole incident can be heard saying, "Yeah, you got yours buddy."


The man then gets up from the floor in a daze but clearly intent on fighting the person he had been verbally assaulting. But he's not taking any more that, “Call me another f’king n-word!” the Black man tells him, before adding, “I asked you not to call me n-word.”

The video has naturally spawned an endless array of jokes and memes. Here are some of the best we came across:








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