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Best ever job rejection letter gets full points on the internet for interviewee's 'honesty'

Getting rejected during job interviews is a part of life, but getting rejected for speaking your mind? Here's what the internet thinks about it.

Best ever job rejection letter gets full points on the internet for interviewee's 'honesty'
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio; (R) X | InternetH0F

Rejection is a very common and regular part of life that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s rejection in matters of the heart, a college application or a job you applied to, whatever it may be, it can be a bit of a blow to one’s confidence initially. However, if the basis of the rejection is such that it doesn’t align with your values or personal beliefs, then it can actually be a great thing for your own growth and personal goals. Something similar went down with a job applicant who received a rejection letter clearly quoting the reasons for rejection, which were basically their perspectives and opinions that they stated during the interview. The rejection email, which first emerged on the Internet in 2021, went viral again for its magnificence and being the best kind of its kind, leaving the applicant with no regrets upon getting rejected. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Burst
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Burst

This time, the rejection email was posted by the Internet Hall of Fame on X (@InternetH0F) and showed the text of the email, which read, “After weeks of consideration, we have decided to go with another candidate who is better suited to our needs at this time.” The beginning was the usual one would come across in any regular rejection email. However, things took an interesting turn from the next paragraph onward, which read, “It was noted during your interviews that you told both our recruiter and the hiring manager that ‘they wasted your time because they were late’ and ‘you took time off from work just to hear a low ball offer and that we should have posted the salary range the job description.’ We told you that we do this so people won’t apply just for the money. After which you replied, ‘What money?'” The second paragraph really makes you think about the applicant’s right to their time and remuneration, which should be equivalent to the skills they will bring to the table.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Breakingpic
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Breakingpic

The fact that the company acknowledges and accepts that they posted a salary to just check the authenticity of applicants coming for the role and not “the money” does sound odd. It would probably rightly put off a potential candidate who would've come prepared for the interview with the impression that the salary range listed on the job description was actually the one that would be on the table. Upon discovering otherwise, it would irritate anybody who would be at the receiving end of time wasted and salary range faked.



The internet thought so too and the comment section sided with the job applicant and their stance during the interview. @LiveCentralFL commented sarcastically, “Money, who applies to a job for money? I thought we went to work to socialize with other people who hate their lives for 40 hours a week for fun.” Another user, @DeutscherJ1776, said, “They only hide the salary when they’re embarrassed by it.”


Sounds like the internet doesn’t have a problem at all with how the candidate responded in her interview and called the company out for their pretentious salary range and the interviewers' tardiness because it really just showed how serious the company was about their potential candidates.

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