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Bernie Sanders just dropped out of the 2020 Presidential elections. America, we'll never learn.

The most radical candidate for the role of President chose to suspend his campaign after strategic financial and political considerations.

Bernie Sanders just dropped out of the 2020 Presidential elections. America, we'll never learn.
Image Source: Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders Speaks To The Media In Burlington, Vermont. BURLINGTON, VT - MARCH 1. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

In what seems like a sad repetition of the 2016 United States Presidential elections, Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the 2020 Presidential run after a campaign that set the nation on fire. The Democratic Senator of Vermont's decision to quit the elections now leaves former Vice President Joe Biden, his last competitor standing, to decisively become the Democratic nominee against incumbent President Donald Trump. Four years ago, he battled it out against Hillary Clinton until it became clear that she would be the nominee. This time around, however, Sanders chose to exit the race at a much earlier stage, The New York Times reports.



Senator Sanders had quite the run, vowing to do everything possible to defeat Trump. With polls unclear about whether Biden will be able to achieve this feat, Democrats are left wondering if America will bear witness to another four years of Trump in the White House. Will our country survive a second Trump administration? Nobody is quite sure. Nonetheless, Sanders has affirmed in the past his commitment to supporting Biden if he were to become the Democratic party's nominee. It appears that the former Vice President will receive his backing after all - under bitter circumstances, of course.



The Senator, now 78 years old, would have been the oldest President in the White House. He would have also been one of the most radical left-wing leaders. He accomplished the almost impossible feat of moving the Democratic party to the left, inspiring a "modern progressive movement" that placed universal healthcare, debt-free education, and rights for the working class front and center. Most importantly, his campaign was supported by average Americans - not the millionaires and billionaires who exploit the 99 percent. As Lauren Gambino writing for The Guardian stated, "Perhaps no single candidate has done more to reshape the Democratic party in the past four years than Sanders." Now it's time for the party to show up for the people at the polls. The real fight begins.



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