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Beloved professor receives grand welcome back to campus after unexpected amputation surgery

In a video winning hearts online, a professor is seen receiving the warmest welcome upon returning to college after an unexpected amputation surgery.

Beloved professor receives grand welcome back to campus after unexpected amputation surgery
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @suzannemuchin

Teaching can be a fulfilling experience for those who like to share knowledge and offer warmth and wisdom to young minds. It can be rewarding as students seldom forget such teachers and professors. Something similar was seen recently. In a video uploaded by Suzanne Muchin (@suzannemuchin) on Instagram, a professor is seen returning to college after an unexpected amputation surgery. The text overlay on the video reads, "When a beloved professor returned to the campus for the first time after an unexpected amputation surgery, this happened."

Image Source: Instagram | @suzannemuchin
Image Source: Instagram | @suzannemuchin

As he approaches the college, the door is held open for him and he enters to see many of his students and colleagues cheering and welcoming him back. Hundreds of students are seen standing with posters as they clap for him. Some members of the faculty are also in the video. Muchin captioned the post, "Why do I teach @kelloggschool? This is why. This is how we support each other FOR REAL. Is Business School serious, rigorous, and competitive? Yes. But it can also be the place where you find Your People and surround yourself with those who want you to feel like the best version of yourself. Today was a great reminder of what resilience looks like and how as a community, we #showup #standout and #beeakthrough over here in Evanston, IL."

Image Source: Instagram | @suzannemuchin
Image Source: Instagram | @suzannemuchin

The video went viral, garnering over 32,000 likes. Many people also commented on the post. @lisarishton commented, "Gosh... I just cried for this man... don't know him. He is certainly loved." @jrgonzalzez wrote, "Beautiful. The power of human love is incredible." @instabritta expressed, "We all knew Craig would continue to inspire us long after graduation, but this is truly next level. Sending love for continued healing and energy to keep kicking a** and taking names. Amazing to see him back in the Hub. Thank you!"

The video was also shared by @GoodNewsMovement on Twitter where it was viewed over 6k times. @Lloyd Owens commented, "The heart-warming expression of affection and love for a work colleague - PRICELESS."

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In another story about teachers winning our hearts, Chrishae Powell—who goes by @thatssochrishae on TikTok—revealed how she ensured her students had a smile on their faces before their exam in a video that won hearts online. In the video, the children in her class can be seen opening individual envelopes during their lunchtime. The text overlay reads, “Imagine right before you take a state exam, you open an unexpected letter from an adult who loves you so much."

The camera then pans through the class and shows children opening and reading the letters. They all have an instant smile on their face as they read through the lines. "Moms, sisters, teachers, dad, brothers, all came together," reads the text overlay. Towards the end of the clip, one of the students can also be seen dancing. The song, "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding plays in the background of the video.

Image Source: TikTok | @thatssochrishae
Image Source: TikTok | @thatssochrishae

Teachers play a crucial role in everyone's life. Their words of encouragement and supportive behavior can shape students' future, personality and even their lives.

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