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Beautiful reaction of two girls finding out their aunt is a transwoman is winning everyone's hearts

Their immediate reaction was to provide comfort to their aunt and embrace her lovingly.

Beautiful reaction of two girls finding out their aunt is a transwoman is winning everyone's hearts
Image Source: Instagram/Britney Neang

People in the transgender community often go through a lot of challenges and struggles in their lifetime. While they grapple with trying to fit into the world, they also face a number of issues in helping their family accept their reality. Britney P Neang shared a touching video on Instagram of her two nieces patiently listening to her as she explained to them that she is a transwoman. The young girls are seen tearing up as Neang tells them she was assigned male at birth. One of them gently grabs her and collapses onto her chest in a warm and loving embrace. Her remarks visibly moved the youngsters as they acknowledged her identity.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram/britneypneang

Uploading the video on Instagram, Neang added a touching message in the post caption. She wrote that her nieces mean the world to her and that she has raised them as if they were her own children. She explained that she wanted them to know the biggest secret of her life before moving to the East Coast. She'd been waiting for them to be old enough to be able to understand her. "I wouldn’t have a conversation about this with the girls if I knew they couldn’t handle this information. They were taught love and respect in our household and they understand me completely," Neang wrote.


She added: "My niece brought tears to my eyes when she said 'I feel bad for you.' I told her don't feel bad for Aunty. I'm very happy to be their aunt. Me being transgender doesn’t change the fact I will always be their aunt and I love them so much." This warm and touching video portrays that the way you raise a child can play a major role in their understanding of the world. While the kids might not completely comprehend the struggles their aunt had to face, they are extremely supportive and loving towards this woman they love. The beautiful video went viral on Instagram and has gathered 4.5 million views. 


Speaking to Good Morning America, Neang said that sharing her true identity with the kids made her feel closer to them. "They are practically my two bestest friends in the whole wide world," she revealed. Opening up about her journey, Neang shared that she started transitioning at the age of 11 but never had the support of her parents. However, the girls' mother and her sister, Sovana, always stood beside her. She also spoke about the difficulty she faced in gaining access to hormonal therapy. 


Neang wants other trans youth to not feel like they are alone. She wants them to feel inspired by her video and believe that "it does get better." Despite every struggle they face to adjust to a world that works against the transgender community, love and support can help them feel empowered and loved. She also posted a follow-up video of a video call with her nieces to show the world that telling them her identity did not make any difference in the love they share. 

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