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Beautiful father-son moment captured on Ring camera before dad leaves for work is melting people's hearts

The Ring camera footage gained traction on social media with several dads pouring their hearts over how wholesome such moments are.

Beautiful father-son moment captured on Ring camera before dad leaves for work is melting people's hearts
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @tylobdell

The internet speaks a lot about how mothers around the world have "mom guilt" while going to work and leaving the kids at home. But dads too have a tough time bidding goodbye to the little ones every day before work. Last September, Tyler Lobdell, a father to two boys, shared a short video on TikTok that showed a heartwarming moment between him and his son. It was captured by the Ring camera at his home. To his surprise, the video not only gained over 1.5 million views but also resonated with thousands of dads on social media. 

Image Source: TikTok | @tylobdell
Image Source: TikTok | @tylobdell

In the video, one of Lobdell's sons is seen rushing out of his home barefoot and walking towards the driveway. At the same time, Lobdell takes his car out of the driveway ready to go to work. The little boy wearing pajamas lifts his hand and signals his dad to stop. When Lobdell gets out of the car and approaches his son, the boy raises both his arms gesturing his dad to give him a hug. Lobdell stoops down, wraps his arms tightly around his son and lifts him up. The two are engrossed in a hug for a few moments after which the dad leaves for work. "The 'I’ve gotta go to work,' hugs always hit a little different," Lobdell wrote in the caption. 

Image Source: TikTok | @thejustincalhoun21
Image Source: TikTok | @thejustincalhoun21
Image Source: TikTok | @joihuadueck
Image Source: TikTok | @joihuadueck

More than 3,000 comments poured, in many of which dads related to this saying how difficult such moments are for them. "One day we are all going to pick up our children one last time that’s why I will take a hug every opportunity I get because I never want to miss it," said @wayner1147. "Man, that just made me cry! I’m serious. I love this! You are doing something right! Hold on for as long as you can!" lauded @plainbread1987. The worst is when you don't get those hugs, when you leave or when they go to bed and you're still out working and hearing them say, 'You're always working,'" added @kaplar27 to which Lobdell replied, "I go in some Saturdays and they say that to me too. It’s a double-edged sword out here trying to survive financially and be a good parent."  


The “I’ve gotta go to work” hugs always hit a little different.

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Speaking to the local news channel, CNY Central, about his two sons, Lobdell mentioned, "Sometimes they come out to see me, sometimes they come into the garage. I’m lucky to have them." Just a few second goodbye hugs from his 8-year-old son Isaiah and 6-year-old son Hudson make his day always. "I try to really soak it in now," the dad shared, stating that he was blessed to have his family that he hugs every day and comes back home to. "I try to really hold on to it."

Regarding the overwhelming response his video received, the dad said, "Some people write that they miss their parent, or that they do this with their kids. I am so happy that this moment with my children may have brought an extra hug to someone somewhere in the world. I’m so proud that my kids show love that way."



You can follow Tyler Lobdell (@tylobdell) on TikTok for more family content.

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