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Basketball team cheers their coach's toddler for going potty by himself in heartwarming video

The sweet moment between the coach and his basketball team highlighted the deep bond they share with each other.

Basketball team cheers their coach's toddler for going potty by himself in heartwarming video
Image Source: TikTok/coachjoshc

Sports teams don't just exist to win and practice for tournaments. They also symbolize great unity and sportsmanship. Often, they become like family members and cheer for each other during life's significant moments. They provide a safe space for sharing personal problems. Recently, a coach shared a big achievement concerning his toddler with his high school basketball team. Witnessing the beautiful bond that the coach shares with his team is extremely heartwarming.

Image Source: TikTok/coachjoshc
Image Source: TikTok/coachjoshc


Coach Josh C shared with everyone that his little son has started using the potty on his own. This moment was caught on video and was posted on TikTok with the caption, "Daniel started using the Potty! Now he is telling my HS team the great news! Live for moments like this!" The video shows Josh sitting on a chair with his son on his lap. He first asks him, "What did you want to tell the guys!" pointing to the team standing before them. He continues, "Did you go to potty by yourself?" The little boy nodded and the entire team gave him a loud cheer and applause. 



This sweet moment portrays the strong bond that exists between the coach and the players. They all adore Daniel and are there for him for every milestone while he grows up. The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and has gathered over 410k likes. TikTok users enthusiastically reacted to this heartwarming video. A user @pinkpanther_220 commented, "I love how they waited for the baby’s confirmation on the news lolol." Another user @devthevillian commented, "My dad was a basketball coach, he used to make his players come to my Dance recitals."

TikTok user @sarahbeth890 said, "They are also learning about fatherhood and that is probably the more important skill!" Another user @4xx.ju_ shared, "My dad was the coach of my bball team and lemme tell you, they were there for every bday and family function we were hosting." 



In a similar moment in sports, the NFL center uploaded a lovely Instagram video of Wyatt, Jason Kelce’s daughter, singing a bit of "Fly, Eagles, Fly" in her crib the morning after a major victory for his club. The child in the video raises her small fist in the air and yells, "E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagle, yay!" According to TODAY, Jason Kelce, 35, was watching his daughter beautifully sing the anthem from his phone's baby monitor. Wyatt looked to be in a good mood after her father's team defeated the New York Giants on January 21 and advanced to the NFC Championship game to be held on January 29.

Fans reacted positively to Wyatt's short celebratory song, flooding the page with comments. It piqued the interest of rapper, comedian, and sports enthusiast Lil Dicky, who described the Kelces as "heroic." Kelce is well-known and liked by Eagles fans for his clever stunts and pranks. However, it's his singing baby daughter, Wyatt who steals the show, much like Josh's little boy, Daniel who confirmed going to potty by himself for the first time.

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