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Basketball player's wig falls mid-game so both teams huddle around her to help in a touching moment

The minute Marquesha Davis' wig fell off, all the women from both teams immediately stopped the match to huddle around and help her.

Basketball player's wig falls mid-game so both teams huddle around her to help in a touching moment
Cover Image Source: Twitter| @pachamps

Women supporting one another, especially in times of crisis is one of the best things to witness. When a woman adds to the strength of another solely off their feminine aura and personality, it is truly breathtaking. @pachamps shared a video of a college's women’s basketball teams, Ole Miss and South Carolina, who displayed sportsmanship and womanhood in the stadium during their match against each other. The video captured a hysterical moment between the team players who were in a tough battle of basketball before Ole Miss' Marquesha Davis fell to the ground and her wig got loose and came off.

Image Source: Twitter| @pachamps
Image Source: Twitter| @pachamps

There were umpteen reactions players could have had to the scenario but instead, all the women from both teams immediately moved the wig closer to her head and quickly came from around the field and huddled over her. As Davis tried to fix her wig, all the players stopped the game. Her teammates and the opposing team members ensured that they covered her as much as possible. Some team members even put their hands over her head while others helped her fix her wig. The others patiently waited and gave the athlete time to properly fix her wig back on before they could continue their game. While the coach and others were worried that Davis may be injured, on clarification, everyone had a good laugh and patiently waited till the player got back up.

Image Source: Twitter| @pachamps
Image Source: Twitter| @pachamps

The woman who posted the video, too, mentioned that it was an excellent exhibition of women’s unity. In her caption, she wrote, “Women supporting women is my favorite thing! Shorty’s wig came off during this Ole Miss vs. South Carolina game…both teams noticed and huddled around her so she could fix it! Before y’all go there, I’m posting because they all had a good laugh about it afterward!” The substitutes and all on the stadium benches got an amusing yet impressive example of women supporting each other despite their backgrounds, teams, and differences. Several people commented on the pleasant memories made in the stadium. Though the Ole Miss athletes lost the match in the stadium, they made a significant win setting an example for fellow women, young and old, who were watching them.


@dawnstanley commented, “This warms my heart! My babies met the moment with the kindness and understanding I see every day. Ole Miss were all locked hands in a united front. This is WBB at its finest. Love this! WE ARE WBB!” @CrankItUpCroogs said, “Great to see the spontaneous camaraderie by both teams to support a player.” @Kengoallnight said, “They are all competitors but the moment is human. I love this and I love sports.” @LPSQuarterzip added, “Loved that. It wasn’t anything about the team on the jersey. It was about helping someone in what could have been a very embarrassing moment.” @BigBreezy29 shared, “I love it. Saved that girl from a bad week.” @One_10th commented, “All the Black women understood the assignment!” @Oh_myDarla appreciated the readiness the athletes had to help and said, “I love the way they instinctively knew to make a tight circle so the cameras couldn’t get in.”



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