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Barista says she received tip less than 1% on a 20-drink order, sparking debate

Barista physically embodies how silly she feels after getting less than 1% tip on a 20-drink order in a viral clip.

Barista says she received tip less than 1% on a 20-drink order, sparking debate
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @lvnies

The discussion about tipping has been getting reactions from every corner of America. Many find themselves giving money for services that, in their opinion, do not deserve tips. On the other hand, the system in place is such that servers depend on these tips to survive. @lvnies faced this when she had to return almost empty-handed after delivering a big order. She revealed that she received less than 1% tip on a 20-drink order and it sparked a full-blown debate with some comforting her while others justifying the customer.

Image Source: TikTok/@lvnies
Image Source: TikTok | @lvnies

The video was very brief, lasting 16 seconds. The barista explained the context in the text overlay. It read, "You just tipped me .50 on a 20-drink order." After that, it featured her doing a silly dance routine. The dance might imply how silly she is feeling after going through the drill of making 20 drinks and arriving with next to nothing. People usually give 10% to 20% in tips and here she is getting absolutely nothing. 

Image Source: TikTok/@lvnies
Image Source: TikTok | @lvnies

The comments section was divided. @.sunders straight up said that baristas did not belong to the group that got tips, "Eh, if you're not a waiter/delivery driver, then no tip is needed." @habizala pointed out the main culprits and wrote, "I only tip delivery drivers, waiters and bartenders. Even so, the problem is with your company...not the people ordering." @sheetferk expressed solidarity with the barista and commented, "Yeah, I'm tipping 3$ minimum if I'm ordering 20 DRINKS." @iateurfish shared their principles on tipping and wrote, "Y'all tripping, I always do 10% no matter how little I get or ordered anything."

Image Source: TikTok/@mrpandacbr600
Image Source: TikTok | @mrpandacbr600
Image Source: TikTok/@parfaitplay
Image Source: TikTok | @parfaitplay

The servers are the victims of the system. There have been no provisions in place to ensure waiters get apt wages. Rodri, another waitress, in her interview with The Guardian, shared, "Around 50% of a waiter's income is tips. All restaurants should have to publicly state their exact tipping procedure." Moreover, there are times when the establishment tries to skim off these tips. The serving class needs protection, but they have become pawns in this struggle for power between consumers and owners. 

Image Source: TikTok/
Image Source: TikTok |

Another tipping horror story occurred with Alysha Brooks–who goes by on TikTok. She came home with a tip of $1.50 on a $100 bill. The catch here, she was praised by the customer for her service. In the text overlay, she relayed her frustration, "Ugh yea, nah, I guess we're good. It's just you were my favorite table of the night, we laughed and you told me I was your favorite server ever and then you left $1.50 on a $100 check just kinda threw me off."

You can follow Ivnies (@lvnies) for more content on tipping in America. 

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