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Barber and friends shave heads in solidarity with mom who is fighting cancer: 'No one fights alone'

A barber shaved his head to show support for his mother who is battling cancer. His colleagues made the experience even more unforgettable by following suit.

Barber and friends shave heads in solidarity with mom who is fighting cancer: 'No one fights alone'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/guido.magalhaes

Fighting cancer is a test of patience and courage. But it is also a test of the support we can get from our loved ones. Sometimes, in these extremely tough times, we see the most supportive gestures from those near and dear to us. This was seen when a barber shaved his head in solidarity with his mother who is battling cancer. Seeing how emotional she was during the appointment, the barber's friends and colleagues also joined in and had their heads shaved, creating an unforgettable memory for the mom.

Image Source: Twitter/@GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Instagram/guido.magalhaes

The video was uploaded by @GoodNewsMVT on Twitter with the caption: "No one fights alone. This barber shaves his head in solidarity with his mother who is fighting cancer. If that wasn't emotional enough, his friends and work colleagues join in and surprise her as well."

The clip was originally shared online by Guilherme Magalhães. In the video, we can see Magalhães shaving his mother's head. She is visibly emotional as he shaves her head even though he tries to crack jokes and get her to smile. In an attempt to cheer her up, Magalhães then begins to shave his own head while smiling wide. Soon, he is joined by a colleague, who also offers to get his head shaved as the Magalhães' mom weeps at the overwhelming show of love and support. Another colleague then joins them and gets his head shaved as well.

Image Source: Twitter/@GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Instagram/guido.magalhaes

Magalhães captioned the post, "Você é luz dona Claudia, eu te amo. Sem palavras pra descrever vocês irmãos," which translates to "You are light Dona Claudia, I love you. No words to describe you brothers."


This is truly a touching gesture as cancer can be a really isolating disease and support and care from our loved ones can go a long way in helping us fight this disease. The video touched the hearts of many on Twitter and has garnered 91.4 K views. @Bryson Bosley wrote, "That’s so wonderful! Bless her precious heart! Keeping them in my prayers." Another Twitter user, @jennywren, made an important point: "Such acts of kindness and empathy lift us all. Beautiful people... best wishes for your mum’s recovery."


Meanwhile, @Elo Small was full of praises, writing: "Such a lovely display of love, kindness, and solidarity - sending best wishes to the mom here. She’s not going to fight this alone!" Some Twitter users also shed a tear or two. @ByTheRiver wrote, "I'm a cancer survivor. This got me crying."



In another touching story, 16-year-old Kevin Winegar was diagnosed with cancer, but he has found some great friends on his school football team. Winegar hosted a "hair shaving" party and his entire school football team came to support him. “I basically invited the whole school saying, ‘Hey, whoever wants to, like, come shave their heads for me or just want to shave their heads you can come over, we can do that,'” shared Winegar.


His mother shared the video on her Instagram and the caption read, “What a high! A house full of teenagers that chose to support their friend with cancer on a Friday night. There are no words. But this right here is what makes a heavy load lighter.” Social media showered Winegar and his friends with praise. @shaylondon1 commented, “What an amazing group of friends he has! This shows how amazing HE is to inspire so many people to love and support him and shave their heads with him.” @jiuuac wrote, “Wow!! Goosebumps! What a community.”

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