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Barack Obama surprised a superfan with a personalized reading and it was hilarious

The heartwarming and good-natured prank was set up by the crew of Jimmy Kimmel Live! during Obama's recent appearance on the show

Barack Obama surprised a superfan with a personalized reading and it was hilarious
Cover Image Source: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

A Temple Hills, Maryland resident recently received the shock of her life when she tuned in for what she believed to be a screening of Barack Obama reading excerpts from his presidential memoir A Promised Land. Rather than the expected virtual premiere of pre-recorded clips, Joyce Taylor found herself in a personal video call with the former president himself who gave her yet another mindblowing surprise by reading out facts about the superfan. The heartwarming and good-natured prank was set up by the crew of Jimmy Kimmel Live! during Obama's recent appearance on the show.


The clip begins with host Kimmel explaining the set up to the former president and telling him a little bit about Taylor. "We found some people who are very excited about your book coming out. Some of them traveled to your inauguration in 2008 and they don't know that we're involved with this at all. They don't know that this is on television. I think they think it's through a book store. We asked them if they wanted to watch clips of you reading your new book and they think these are pre-recorded clips. Instead, we'd like you to do it live and then kind of surprise them as you do. Would you like to give this a try?" he asked Obama.


The father-of-two enthusiastically agreed to the masterplan as Kimmel explained that the first one to get a special virtual visit from Obama would be Taylor. "She is an auditor from Temple Hills, Maryland, huge fan, saves magazine clippings about you, all that stuff," the host revealed. The video then cuts to a blissfully unsuspecting Taylor who, unsurprisingly, loses her mind as the one and only Barack Obama pops up on her screen. As the retiree tried to wrap her head around what's happening, the former commander-in-chief launched into a super-official-sounding reading.


"Being the president takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice," he began. "But one of the most rewarding parts of the job was traveling these United States and meeting the great people that make up this country. From farmers in Iowa to auto workers in Detroit to retired auditors from Temple Hills, Maryland. The retired auditors are actually my favorite. They're always coming up to me and saying things like 'Oh my God, Barack, I love you! My name is Joyce Taylor!"


Obama then directly acknowledged the hysterical Taylor asking, "Joyce, was that a pretty good impression of you? Hey! Joyce, what's going on? How are you?" She somehow managed to reply "I'm fine" before the fact that she's having a conversation with the former president blew her mind yet again. Obama made the interaction a whole lot sweeter for his fan by promising to send her a signed copy of his book.


During his appearance on the show last week, the 59-year-old also shared some fun tidbits about his relationship with his daughters, Sasha and Malia. Explaining why he's "afraid" of the 19-year-old Sasha, he said: "The reason is because Sasha is a mini Michelle — and I'm afraid of Michelle! And Sasha, having seen that, has the same look and the same attitude. Malia is more like me temperamentally. And we call ourselves the 'Long Faces' because her face is more shaped like mine, and it's the 'Round Faces' are Michelle and Sasha. And the 'Round Faces' are a fiercer tribe. We're like the vegetarians, you know, the gatherers, then they're the hunters. We try to keep the peace with them."


The proud father also gushed about his daughters in the cover story for InStyle's upcoming January issue, reports PEOPLE, where he said that their strength comes through in their confidence and buoyancy. "Sasha is, as Malia describes it, completely confident about her own take on the world and is not cowed or intimidated — and never has been — by anybody’s titles, anybody’s credentials. If she thinks something’s wrong or right, she will say so," he explained. Malia, on the other hand, is "buoyant," her dad revealed, stating: "She’s somebody who enjoys people, enjoys life and enjoys conversation. She’s never bored, which is a badass quality that can take you places."

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