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Baltimore Erects Trump Rat Balloon On "Barack Obama Avenue" To Protest His Visit

In July, Trump said Baltimore was a "disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess." Well, the citizens of Baltimore got him back pretty good.

Baltimore Erects Trump Rat Balloon On "Barack Obama Avenue" To Protest His Visit

Ahead of United States President Donald Trump's arrival to the city of Baltimore, Maryland, on Thursday, September 12, liberal protestors took to Barack Obama Avenue, formerly known as President Street, in order to erect a large rat balloon that looked incredibly similar to Trump himself, complete with smartphone in hand. Not only was the balloon a statement against his racist and otherwise problematic policies, but it was also an explicit rebuttal against some of the President's infamous statements about the city, CBS Local reports. Earlier this year in July, President Trump called Baltimore a "disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess" during one of his routine Twitter rampages (this time, directed at Democratic Representative of Maryland Elijah Cummings). Of course, Baltimore citizens understandably went into an appreciative frenzy.


The President is in town for a retreat dedicated to the Republican party. The retreat was inaugurated on Thursday and will continue until Sunday, September 15. However, not everyone was happy about Trump's visit to their city. Therefore, protestors and anti-Trumpers hoped to make a large statement to inform him that he was not welcome in Baltimore - thus, the Trump rat balloon. The balloon featured a rat body with the former businessman's head affixed to it, blonde coiffure and all. Rat Trump was wearing an iconic red tie, holding a smartphone, and had an orange face. Its face also seemed to be crying, similar to the now-notorious Trump baby balloon. A sign was also found on the balloon. It read, "Fight fascism, stop Trump." To add further fuel to the fire, the balloon was erected in front of the Waterfront Marriott - where his retreat was taking place - on Barack Obama Avenue, originally known as President Street. The road was renamed to celebrate and honor the 44th President.


Sharon Black from the People’s Power Assembly joined the protest against Trump's visit on Thursday. She stated, "We’re basically protesting all of his policies from racism, white supremacy, from the climate crisis to war. A multitude of things that people are very angry about." Protestor Renee Washington added, "I’m here to say to him, ‘When you talk about rats, look in your own backyard.' Baltimore City is not filled with rats. We are people who care about our city and feel that strong about it. What are you doing about it?"

However, it appears that Trump may have "rehashed" his negative criticisms of Baltimore at a speech during the retreat. According to The Huffington Post, he stated, "We’re going to fight for the future of cities like Baltimore that have been destroyed by decades of failed and corrupt rule." While President Trump has been known for making hollow promises, there is one thing citizens know for sure: With the United States' 2020 Presidential elections looming closer, Trump may not have very long at all to keep some of his past campaign promises.


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