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Balloon artist with autism creates masterpieces for essential workers

Eddie Lin has been a balloon artist for 12 years now. In light of the ongoing pandemic, he decided to use his talents to spread joy.

Balloon artist with autism creates masterpieces for essential workers
Image Source: Ausome Balloon Creator / Facebook

If there's anyone who deserves every drop of our appreciation, it's all the essential workers at the frontlines of this pandemic. In an effort to recognize the sacrifice they make when they head out to work every morning, balloon artist Eddie Lin, of Edison, New Jersey, decided to thank them in the best way he knew how. Using all his balloons, he's been creating masterpieces to send to essential workers. Most recently, he made a balloon mailman and complementary mail delivery truck to hand to, of course, his own mailman, reports. By the way, did we mention he has autism?



Lin was diagnosed with autism at the young age of three years old. Now 22, he has been making balloon art for about 12 years. However, it only became a proper career for him when he began taking balloon art classes back in 2014. When he traveled to Taiwan to visit family,  his mom set him up with lessons from a professional balloon artist. His side hobby then became a viable part-time job. Evidently, he is using his skills to make the world a better, happier place. In the recent past, he's made a balloon-grocery shopping cart for his close friend’s mother, a manager at a local supermarket as well as other pieces of balloon art for grocery store workers, postal mail carriers, and other essential workers. This, he claims, is his token of appreciation for all the work they do.



While balloon art is not Lin's full-time job, he has been able to build a successful business out of it. With the help of his family, the balloon artist runs a side business called Ausome Balloon Creator (we love the pun!). His mom is his main partner and his father helps him with the deliveries for larger orders. Meanwhile, his younger brother helps him with large events, such as birthday parties and bat mitzvahs and his sister covers marketing and social media. Lin has even been able to travel as a result of his skills. In both January this and last year, he and his mom attended a convention in Missouri, thanks to prominent balloon artist Steven Jones. Jones hosted the convention and sent him an invitation and scholarship to attend. "He has been very kind and giving support and guidance to Eddie," his mother Jenny Lin stated. "He saw something on the internet and took an interest in him and we’re very thankful."



More recently, Lin participated in the One Million Bubbles of Hope started by Jones. Through the initiative, Jones intends to help professionals in the balloon industry share their talents, all while reminding people of hope and kindness amidst the ongoing public health crisis. For the project, Lin created a giant four-colored heart, with the word "hope" splashed in front. Posting a photo of the masterpiece on Facebook, the family stated, "Today, we’re participating in One Million Bubbles of Hope. Eddie made this balloon heart to join the movement. 1,300 balloon artists worldwide are participating today! We want to stay positive and spread the message of hope." His mother affirmed, "Balloons bring people happiness and joy." Indeed, Lin gifts hope and joy when he donates a balloon masterpiece to our essential workers.



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