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This bakery will send cakes to Republican Senators urging them to protect American democracy

After Colin Bishopp started a fundraiser to order the cakes, Brooklyn bakery Butter & Scotch took on the task to bake and deliver the persuasive cakes to GOP Senators.

This bakery will send cakes to Republican Senators urging them to protect American democracy
Image Source: Butter & Scotch Bakery, @drunkbakers / Twitter

United States President Donald Trump has been embroiled in a deeply complex impeachment trial for many months now. While he has spent the past few weeks denying every allegation thrown at him, the GOP has been his shield and armor. In an attempt to protect their near and dear President - rather than the very fabric of our country's democracy - Republican Senators across the board have decided against calling key witnesses to testify. One such key witness is former national security adviser John Bolton, who holds important details about Trump's dealings with Ukraine. In an attempt to sway GOP Senators to call on Bolton to testify, a Brooklyn bakery hand-delivered cakes with some persuasive messages printed in icing, The Hill reports.



Butter & Scotch, a bar and bakery located in Brooklyn, New York City, is taking on the responsibility of urging Republican Senators to do the right thing. The bakery decided to bake cakes with messages written in icing. The cakes, pictures of which surfaced on Instagram and Twitter, featured puns such as, "Don't go baking my heart," "Don't dessert democracy," "Hope this makes it easier to swallow the truth," and, "This trial is half-baked without witnesses." The cakes also had one simple message: "Let Bolton testify." The cakes were then hand-delivered to a few GOP Senators.



The mastermind behind this awesome plan is Colin Bishopp, a clean energy advocate. He started a GoFundMe fundraiser in order to raise donations for the project a few days ago. He wrote on the crowdfunding page, "Republicans in the US Senate refuse to allow witnesses in President Trump's impeachment trial, so let's deliver them John Bolton's testimony on a cake. Maybe that will make the truth easier for them to swallow." By Wednesday afternoon, the fundraiser had already earned more than $7,000. Bishopp promised that each cake would not cost over $50, adding that any excess funds will be used to pay for production costs or be donated to “the Center for Human Rights and the ACLU.”



The bakery has thus far only baked and delivered three cakes. Taking to Instagram, Butter & Scotch provided some updates about their efforts. They explained that one of their three cakes was delivered to Senator Ted Cruz - who promptly turned it away. So far, people are loving the idea. The bakery received several positive comments about the project. However, the GOP probably isn't too keen on the idea. Nonetheless, it can only be hoped that this activity will add more public pressure on an already tense Republican Party. Fingers crossed, folks.


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