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Badly beaten homeless man succumbs to injuries with loyal dog by his side

Juan Diego Sebastian was found beaten by an unknown assailant last month. His dog Cheeto bid farewell to him earlier this week, after he passed away in a hospital bed.

Badly beaten homeless man succumbs to injuries with loyal dog by his side
Image Source: sanjagrujic / Getty Images

There is perhaps nothing more painful than having to bid goodbye to a pet dog you have loved for years. However, if the roles were reversed, there is no doubt that dogs would feel the same exact pain if they had to watch their owners' last days. Nonetheless, that does not hold them back from being the lovable loyal furry friends they always were. In recent news, a homeless man from Florida succumbed to severe injuries after being badly beaten while in a public park. During his last few moments, his adorable pet dog Cheeto was right by his side, New York Daily News reports.


Juan Diego Sebastian was seated on a bench in a public park last month when he was beaten up by a random, unknown assailant. Though Sebastian had never hurt a soul in his life, he was an easy target. He sustained severe injuries and slipped into a coma. He spent the last month of his life in a hospital bed, completely unconscious. Tammy Ramos, a woman from his neighborhood, spent two weeks by his side while he was in the hospital, hoping he would regain consciousness. Ramos knew Sebastian quite well; their friendship had lasted about a decade. She had even cooked for him over the holidays. Sadly, she, like Cheeto had to bid goodbye.

Ramos was with Cheeto, the homeless man's best friend, when he was brought into Sebastian's ward during the last few moments of his life. Though he had never regained consciousness, she was sure that she witnessed him cry as the pair said goodbye to each other. In an interview with WINK News, she stated, "They brought the dog up to hospice. And we laid him on the bed. And at this point, Juan was pretty bad. And we put Juan’s hand on Cheeto and then Cheeto laid his head on his hand and it was the weirdest thing because tears started coming out of Juan’s eyes."

Since his passing, a woman from the neighborhood has adopted Cheeto. She wished to remain anonymous but strongly believed that the dog should continue to be a part of the local community. Meanwhile, the search for Sebastian's assailant is on, as they still remain at large. "If they’re not caught, it will happen again," Ramos affirmed. "Because the homeless community, the ones that I deal with, they’re mostly senior citizens and they’re vulnerable and it will happen again." Sebastian, like many of this in the neighborhood's homeless community, never hurt anyone in any manner. Therefore, many are confused as to why he was targeted. When he was found on the park bench last month, he had just under $16 on him. He made money by collecting cans and selling them. On Thursday, a memorial was held in his honor at the park bench where he was beaten. Hopefully, the assailant will be caught and reprimanded at the earliest.


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