Badass seniors escape from nursing home to rock out at heavy metal concert, get caught by cops

Badass seniors escape from nursing home to rock out at heavy metal concert, get caught by cops

Two seniors from a nursing home in Germany were found "disorentied and dazed" after sneaking away and rocking out at a concert.

Who said you can't live hardcore even in old age? Two raging metalheads, who just happened to be seniors residing at a nursing home in Dithmarscher, a rural district in Germany, plotted to escape their usual routine and attend a heavy metal concert instead. They would've gotten away with their plan, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling cops. Allegedly, police officials found the nursing home residents, aged 58 and 59, "disoriented and dazed" at three in the morning after rocking out at the highly-rated Wacken Open Air music festival held on the outskirts of Hamburg, DW reports.


The metalhead duo took the public transport to travel 25 miles to the Wacken Open Air music festival, which featured Danzig, Judas Priest, Cannibal Corpse, and Death By Sorrow, among other bands. The music festival also referred to as a "metal mecca" has been praised by other fans of heavy metal.  Every year, the music festival is attended by 75,000 fans of rock and heavy metal music. According to the festival's promotional material, the Wacken music fest is a "massive German festival for all fans and friends of metal music." Of course, age is no bar when it comes to rocking out.


A search was initiated for the rock enthusiasts when the nursing home alerted police officials that they had been missing. Both elders have been diagnosed with mental health issues, which was a cause for concern. Luckily, the elders were quickly found perfectly safe and sound. In a statement released by police officials, they stated, "Around three o'clock, a patrol cared for two elderly gentlemen who had apparently found favor in the Metal Festival and had made from a Dithmarscher retirement home on the way to Wacken. Of course, they were missing in their home and quickly arranged a return transport after the police had picked up the elderly." While the two were initially reluctant to return to the Dithmarscher nursing home, they "voluntarily" agreed to go back after talking with the police. The statement read, "The men were reluctant to go home so a patrol car escorted the appointed taxi [as a precautionary measure]."


Peter Berndt, a spokesperson for the Itzehoe police department, explained regarding the incident, "They were then taken to the medical tent on the festival site and were sent back by taxi at around 6:30 am. We had to explain to them why they had to go home - but in the end, they went back voluntarily." While some individuals were criticized for harshing the elders' mellow, Berndt clarified that the pair was found in a "helpless situation," and that they were lucky to have been found by police. "They have mental health issues... Both went to Wacken to party and also consumed alcohol," Berndt stated. "They apparently missed the last bus home."

The nursing home welcomed the rock fans and said that the groggy state they returned in implied they definitely had a good time. Authorities asserted, "They obviously liked the metal festival. The care home quickly organized a return transport after police picked them up." Apparently, it's not too rare to find seniors at the Wacken Open Air music festival. Haus am Park nursing home from Heide, for example, arranges trips to the festival for seniors every year. This year, 13 elderly metalhead fans were escorted to the festival on a bus, screaming "Wackeeeen" while flashing devil horns. The oldest fan in the group was a whopping 95 years old. Rock on!

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