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Baby shouting 'Amen' to get over with saying grace quickly is as funny as it gets

'My 15 months son does this during bedtime prayer. I swear they know what to do,' commented a parent hilariously on the post.

Baby shouting 'Amen' to get over with saying grace quickly is as funny as it gets
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @hao.hungry

If you tell kids something, they take you at your word and expect you to do the same. For instance, if they are told that after lunch they can have ice cream, they would look forward to that. In the same way, this child was told that as soon as people say "Amen," the prayer ends, and the kid used it completely to her advantage in a hilarious way. A mom named Grace–who goes by @hao.hungry on Instagram–posted a video where her daughter can be seen sitting on a high chair waiting for her mom to finish her prayer.

Image Source: Instagram | @hao.hungry
Image Source: Instagram | @hao.hungry

In a few seconds, the child puts so much effort into saying, "Aaaammen," so the mom tells her, "Ok, Amen, you can eat." The kid's sibling can also be heard saying, "And I can eat next." The video has an overlay text, "Your baby just realized the louder and faster she says 'AMEN' the sooner the prayer ends." The adorable way the child asks to conclude the prayer shows how expressive the kid is and the credit for it goes to the parents who gave her that sort of space. 

Image Source: Instagram | @hao.hungry
Image Source: Instagram | @hao.hungry

The video went viral, garnering over 2 million views and 231K likes. It is captioned, "As if she got training from a gospel choir." @carm_ncita commented, "She's ready for this meal that has been blessed." @chelsea_louise_m wrote, "My sister's first word was 'Amen,' she just wanted to eat." @seekieroo shared, "My 15m son does this during bedtime prayer. I swear they know what to do, lol." @p4lem4chine wrote, "I did this at my meeting when I was a little man on stage was taking too long to pray according to me, so I just started shouting 'AMEN. AMEN.'" @burstnaturale said, "She couldn't wait to begin." @bedtimemonster commented, "That 'amen' was so powerful she had to release her prayer hands and hold on for dear life." This video is also the proof of the sort of relationship the parents share with their kids. 

Image Source: Instagram | @hao.hungry
Image Source: Instagram | @hao.hungry

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A post shared by grace ㅤᵕ̈ (毛以柔) (@hao.hungry)


On a similar note where kids express their opinions in an unfiltered way, a 3-year-old wants to be an astronaut when she grows up and the kid seems to be working towards it from a young age. Her mom, Jen Dziura (@jendziura), shared a post on X in 2018 that has motivated many people to achieve their goals. "My 3-year-old said she wanted to be an astronaut and I said she had to study hard, go to college, learn a lot of science, and take a physical fitness test. She shrugged and said, 'That's just 4 things'. So she's a nonchalant motivational speaker," Dziura wrote. The mother also shared a picture of her once the post received over 50k likes. 


Also, to show that the child is invested in becoming an astronaut, the mom shared a second picture in which she is in a makeshift astronaut dress with duct tape. People on X shared how the child's thoughts helped them. @TimelordCorsair wrote, "I just started a doctoral program and had to outline my plan for doing research and writing my dissertation- it's 23 steps and I was reminded of your kid. So just so you know- she absolutely was a nonchalant motivational speaker- even five years later." @LucSkyward said, "Pretty sure she's gonna reach altitudes well beyond the bounds of X and maybe even space and time. Plus, her pic did a Vulcan heart melt on this grandpa, so she's gonna be a legend."

You can follow Grace (@hao.hungry) on Instagram for more content on kid's food and parenting.

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